Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Someone is looking at Moon Geun Young

From MMM DVD Japan
Whenever Moon's talking, Suk always pays attention.. Always peeking at her.. ♥♥♥
cr. Moonsclub

Friday, September 16, 2011

Jang Keun Suk only mentions Moon Geun Young's name on "Knee-Guru" show.

On the 14th September "Knee-Guru" episode Jang was asked by Kang Ho Dong about his love scandals with “Hallyu Star No.1, Singer ‘B’,”, “ ‘You're Beautiful’ actress ‘P’,” and “ ‘Cinderella’s Sister’ Donation Angel actress ‘M’."

In a show that prides itself for candidly addressing celebrity rumors and scandals, the nicknaming of the female celebrities that Jang had been connected to in a love scandal was a comedic attempt to cover for the female counterparts. Everyone in the show, including the MC’s, knew who the nicknames referred to, although Jang Geun Suk only revealed the name of actress ‘M’ as Moon Geun Young, when faced with the frustration that one of the MC’s couldn’t get the hint.
Jang Keun Suk shouted Moon Geun Young! Moon Geun Young! ^^

[c] GGC FB

Watch the video here

Photo Stills on Marry Me Mary Fanmeeting in Japan

Last Month, Moon Geun Young together with Jang Keun Suk

went to Japan to have a Marry Me Mary Fanmeeting.

Here are some photos on their successful fanmeeting event in Japan! :)

credits: suknationhk

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Moon Geun Young Interview on Marry Me Mary DVD

Q: What makes u decide to take on this project?

A: When i first saw the summary (introduction) of “Mary is out at night”, i think the story was very interesting. Jang Keun Suk have already confirmed to starred the opposite role. Because of that, i think playing the role of Mary and act with jangkeunsuk will be interesting. We can work and create this story together is also very interesting to me, so i decided to take the role.

Q: The impression of the script?

A: Very cheerful, and fill with warm feeling. More than any other romantic comedy warmth, the love is not just the love between man and woman, but much broader than that, and i like those parts of this drama.

Q: What is the most impressive scenes or lines?

A: At 1st episodes, When Mary is busy, very energetic everywhere, it felt a bit naive. There is a scene of the first episode, the last scene, when mary just got home after an unsuccessful interview. She counted to 10, after she finished counting, she should be happy again, but she can’t stand up and crying instead to her mother. I personally think that it’s a good scene, i prepared first before shooting the scene, coz Mary herself is a very cheerful girl. We don’t know what’s inside but from the outside, Mary appeared to be very energetic, cheerful, and kind. But i think that a scene that shows “Mary is actually tired to want to overcome these (the father’s debt and the debt collectors)”. So i’m impressed.

Q: Any hardship during shooting the drama?

A: Because we shoot it on winter, i feel that the most uncomfortable. Because of cold, i fear not to give my best performance. Physical pain? I was very cold, so it pains a little.

Q: Things to watch this drama?

A: i hope you feel that Mary is a very warm person. From all four of the maincast in “Mary is out at nigt”, mary is the only one with warm heart and soul. Seo joon, Jung in, and mugyul role are all very cool. Although the heart is warm, but from the outside, it’s cold. These are the things that start the drama, and the warmth feelings are growing between the characters. If u can really feel it, that’s good. Because marriage is not far from reality, so it’s interesting to watch the feelings that revolves around it. Another reality is, marriage life is not that easy. And that indirct experience felt interesting. Mary have to face 2 men, with different background and position, so Mary has the experience of 2 natural life. I think these are very attractive and interesting thing to watch.

Q: What do u feel filming together with JGS?

A: Very interesting, coz this is the first time i filmed with friends and peers around my age. Suk is the same age with me, compared to my other costars who has worked with long acting experience. We have the similar conditions and experience. We can talk about many things with each other. So it’s interesting that we can work together.

Q: What do u feel that Mary is Out at Night broadcast in japan TV now?

A: Now that japanese can watch it, and people can also feel the warm, i feel good. I feel very happy.

Q:do u want to work with japanese actor or director? who do u want to work with?

A: I do. I like aoi. While watching many japanenese drama, and like many actors, i still and more interested with actresses from the same year. Especially aoi, i see her work before, she have many talents. I am personally interested in her, just like a fan. I want to act with her and meet her in persons.

Q: Favorite movie?

It depends on the mood and the film. I am now enjoyed the film that might not as good than before, or better than it was then. So i can’t say exactly what kind of film, since it’s not all the same. I’ve seen a sad and depressed movies, innocent movies like animation or child movie such as “sound of music”. I will see that.

Q: Message for japanese fans

A: Hello, everyone, i’m Mary from “Mary is out at night”. I hope you will like Mary and mugyul cute love story. thank you so much for liking Mary is out at night.

cr. GG baidu

translated by: GGC FB

Monday, September 5, 2011

JKS at Golden Fishery [Knee Drop Guru]

Knee Drop Guru ft Jang Keun Suk will be broadcasted on MBC (September 7,2011)
Dont forget to watch, coz he will reveal something :)

2011.09.04 Cyworld Update

GenGenGen~ Is a gentleman.

줸줸줸~ 줸틀맨이다.


Song Title / Artist

Fall, Again (가을, 다시) - Daybreak (데이브레이) http://chirb.it/d9NExH

Photo (사진) - Daybreak (데이브레이크) http://chirb.it/rxvhEp

credits to and translations by Soompi Moons



Thursday, September 1, 2011

Moon Geun Young intimately poked Keun Suk's plump cheek with her finger

MMM Osaka FM (August 23)
The MC asked KimHyoJin, what kind of person suk was when shooting. She said that keunsuk often make fun with other people. At that time, suk did the action--showing the whites of his eyes for many times, like what he did in the show“DO YOU REMEMBER”. He also wanted to do that to KimHyoJin, but seeing KHJ was answering the question, he gave up. Moon Geun Young was by Geun Suk’s side, intimately poked Suk’s plump cheek with her finger, two people interacted like that intimately. It feels like that they are intimate men and women friends.

credit: 格蕾丝Cri
translation: Sasa at GeunGeunbar baidu


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