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[Fan Account] MMM Osaka Event by mamimamimanakouji

I discovered why does Geun Suk loved by so many fans....... Because he's good in fans service, study and can speak japanese...... The event also held in Tokyo then in Osaka...... He's so excited going in Osaka, he love Osaka so the show, he change costume, a leotard tops and a gold color tight pants because of so much movements in his encore performance the zipper of his pants got broken...... i think his underwear is Tommy, what size? dont ask anymore.......

The MC asked Geun Suk about what kind of 1st date he want? He answered about walking with girl then suddenly rain falls then they'll share one umbrella while walking.......

JGS: but I didnt experience that yet coz i've never been in love yet
MGY: Really, I dont believe you!!
JGS: My girlfriend is an eel, yakiunagi or unagidon? (then facing to MGY) You're an eel, right?

Fans screams hearing that..... I cant believe he asked MGY directly that question.

Note from translator: yakiunagi is broil eel or roasted eel...... unagidon is a ricebowl w/ unagi (eel) as topping......

credit: mamimamimanakouji
translation: Jem Murakami

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MGY Returning to School with the Possibility of also Working on a Project

In a previous news article earlier this month, Moon Geun Young was said to be contemplating between finishing her studies, with one semester left before graduating, and working on her next project. With no confirmed news of Moon's next project as of yet, and classes for Moon's final semester at SKKU set to begin this upcoming Monday, August 29, it seems Moon has decided to return to school. However, she has left open the possibility of also working on a project while in school. Below is the previous news article that mentions her contemplation:


After completing the KBS2 Drama 'Marry Me, Mary', Moon Geun Young has returned to her role as a student this year and has been devoted to her studies. She is contemplating on her next project with the flood of scripts she is receiving.

A representative of Moon Geun Young said, "Moon Geun Young now has one semester left to graduate, but that could be dependent on her doing a project. Since her personality is the type to only focus on one thing, she is contemplating between school and her next project. By the end of this month, she will carefully consider her actions for the second half of this year." Moon Geun Young, who entered Sungkyunkwan University in 2006, even while doing acting activities has maintained high grades due to her dedication to her school life.

Another representative opened the possibility, and said, "She is receiving a flood of drama and movie offers [as she had last semester] for the second half of this year and the first half of next year, if it does not become a big burden on her school work. Even though it might be hard for her during the second half of this year, she could choose to do both her studies and a project, and graduate as according to schedule (in February 2012)."

photo credit: Namoo Actors
credits to and translations by Soompi Moons문근영

2011.08.28 Cyworld Update


Grateful, thankful-
(////▽////) eehing~♡
고맙고, 고마운-
(////▽////) 이힝~♡

[note: eehing is an onomatopoeia, an imitation of a sound]

credits to and translations by Soompi Moons문근영

Moon Geun Young's Fashion Selected as the Best by 'Style Show Feel'

While looking for the best star's fashion, Moon Geun Young was chosen as the best dresser for her bohemian style by 'Style Show Feel'.

Mae Ri's bohemian style cannot match as lovably as it does on Geun Young. Among the stars who came to the VIP screening of the movie 'Arrow, the Ultimate Weapon', Moon Geun Young bravely paired her outfit with a slounge (sportswear & loungewear) sandal by Freddy. Because it made her own style stand out, she was selected as the best dresser.

source: Freddy Korea, Slounge Korea
translation: Soompi Moons문근영

Moon Geun Young & Jang Geun Suk bring in 60,000 fans for ‘Mary Stayed Out All Night’ drama concert

Performing to the cheers of a whopping 60,000-member audience, actors Moon Geun Young and Jang Geun Suk caused a frenzy in Japan with their drama concert for ‘Mary Stayed Out All Night‘.

The concert was held on August 18th and 23rd in Tokyo and Osaka respectively, and Moon Geun Young’s official homepage was recently updated with new official pictures from the scene.

The concert was also attended by fellow cast members Kim Hyo Jin and Park Sang Myun, and re-created scenes straight from the drama.

Moon Geun Young made sure to check over everything in rehearsals and even learned the proper greeting dialect when in Osaka. The drama concert certainly brought a new dimension to the Hallyu wave, proving that dramas are still just as strong as K-Pop music.

Source + Photos: TV Report via Naver

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Moon Geun Young enjoys drama concert of Mary Stayed Out All Night with 60,000 fans in Japan

Actress Moon Geun Young uploaded her pictures on her website at the drama concert of Mary Stayed Out All Night which was held from the 18th and the 23rd in Japan.

The concert was held in two cities of Tokyo and Budokan, and other cast of the series like Jang Keun Suk, Kim Hyo Jin, and Park Sang Myun also appeared on the concert with approximately 60,000 fans attending.

Moon showed her passion for her first drama concert by appearing early for the rehearsal and studying greetings in Osaka dialect.

The concert began with a wedding scene from the series and Moon’s greeting in Osaka dialect. Jang Keun Suk gave a live performance, heating up the atmosphere.

Moon has risen as a Korean Wave actress through the series Mary Stayed Out All Night, and ranked no. 1 on Seoul Drama Awards 2011 on Yahoo.

Mary Stayed Out All Night broadcasted on TBS in Japan since May 20th, and earned tremendous popularity.

Source: Newsen from Nate

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2011.08.24 Cyworld Update


Just as it is.
Purely, sincerely.

그냥 그것 그대로.
순수하게, 진심으로.


Sweet (달아요) - Park Jung Hyun (박정현)

credits to and translations by Soompi Moons문근영

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More updates from Osaka FM

Geun Young cried during the show, Suk wiped her tears away, also patted her head while interlude. Different clothes today from Tokyo show, Suk wore kansai style (leopard & golden trouser, ah~ he's really thin!
cr: neineilove weibo
translation: estefantong

Suk and Moon were holding hands and gazed into each other while Suk sang My Precious ♥
Moon cried...Suk wiped her tears softly with his fingers and touch her head to comfort her ♥ ♥ ♥
cr: u-mama715

The evening show Moon didn't cry, but that scene was very sweet, I really wish I were her...Suk held her hand...very tight...very tender.... ♥ ♥ ♥
cr: GraceCri weibo

MGY treats JGS with due respect, she is really feminine and cute.

translated by MikiMouse
cr. kazuibo blog

From #MMM Osaka Night Event

During the encore, JGS was shuffle dancing and the cast all came out holding hands.

translated by MikiMouse fr AKP
cr. kazuibu blog

From #MMM Osaka Night Event

As they were leaving the stage, Moon who was the last to leave, a shout out from the audience..a lot of people shouted “Moon”!

translated by MikiMouse from AKP
cr. kazuibo blog

From #MMM Osaka Night Event:
Near the end, JGS pulled off a silver tape that was sticking on Moon’s neck.
JGS is so sweet.

translated by MikiMouse fr AKP
cr. kazuibo blog

there was a Japanese eel who went to MMM show in Osaka:
Suk's girlfriend's name is eel (lol). Suk said to GeunYoung "You are a eel, right?" ♥
Look forward to TV broadcast.
cr: @ahymner


Today is the MMM show. Actors have spoken in Kansai accent. (to show more affinity to Osaka audiences)

For example, Moon said "I really like", "truly thankful" in that accent. It was so cute!

Later on, all people applaused for noona Kim's wedding news and Bday congratulations to Jang appa.

The final scene from MMM drama (means ep.15) reappealed on the show. (The scene Mary shouted "sorry Mu Gyul!" on the mountain, mention below) Moon's emotion exploded and bursted into tears.

From the Mu Gyul's line: stop it! Even I have tolerated the fake singing! (not singing in live, instead of live band sound)

From that moment, the emotion Mary had was up, saying "I'm so sorry... Mu Gyul..." and she started crying, with real tears.

Afterward, Mu Gyul and Mary walked to the slide on the park, they were hand in hand, and Suk sang My Precious. In this moment Moon still couldn't stop crying.

Suk tenderly wiped her tears away, and gently pat her head in the interlude of the song.

With the stunning acting of Moon, many people tweeted and written in blogs like"I was very touched!", "I cried as well!", "Moon truly is a amazing actress!!!"

Needless to say, many people comment "Moon's very cute!!" Looks like everyone became Moon's big fan?! (smile)

to be continued...

cr. Kotaro Sakura blog

translated by Estefan Tong

Jang Geun Suk to Moon Geun Young: “You’re an eel right?”

Yesterday on Marry Me Mary Live Show in Osaka, Jang Keun Suk was asked about his girlfriend.

Jang Keun Suk said “My girlfriend is an eel!”

Then he suddenly ask Moon Geun Young, ” You’re an eel right?”

Japanese fans were screaming when he said that to Moon Geun Young.

Meanwhile, Moon Geun Young was praised by Japanese fans because

she is a great actress!

[c] Baidu +

Jang Keun Suk wiped Moon Geun Young tears!

Yesterday on Marry Me Mary Live Show at Osaka, Moon Geun Young cried while re-enacting the scene when MuGyul (Jang Keun Suk) sings My precious to her.

While Jang Keun Suk is performing, Moon Geun Young still couldn’t stop crying.

Jang Keun Suk tenderly wiped Moon Geun Young tears away and gently pat her head

in the interlude of the song.

Because of this many eels praised Moon Geun Young.

[c] Kotaro Sakura blog +

Monday, August 22, 2011

Jang Geun Suk on Audi Meeting

credit: highcut korea website + baidu

2011.08.21 Cyworld Update


The thing (I) really want to do.
The thing (I) really want to be.

정말 하고 싶은 일.
정말 되고 싶은 것.


1 While Looking at a Picture (사진을 보다가) - Vibe
2 It's a Lie (거짓말이죠) - Vibe
3 Hateful But Once Again (미워도 다시 한번) - Vibe
4 Promise U - Vibe
5 Love..That Thing (사랑..그 놈) - Bobby Kim (바비킴)
6 At the End of Night (밤의 끝에) - Bobby Kim (바비킴)
7 Sing Sing Sing - Bobby Kim (바비킴)
8 Don Quixote (돈키호테) - Bobby Kim (바비킴)

credits to and translations by Soompi Moons문근영

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Basic House Korea Fall Pictorial 2011

Credit: Basic House Official Website

[Fan Account] MMM Event Tokyo 180811

Part 1: The MMM FM at daytime

The light darken, with JKS’s protective guard, MGY walked down the steps slowly, hand in hand with JKS. MGY was pretty cute.
Then the other 3 people were up, said hello to the audiences in Japanese.
MGY: I am MGY,very happy to be here.
Then the MC from TBS asked questions to MGY:
Q: After you entering the entertainment industry, it’s your first time to act in a romantic comedy, how to you feel?
A:I gained a lot from all aspects. It’s happy to join this drama, I like it very much, and also it’s my honor to cooperated with all the actors in MMM.
Then all the present actors promised that they will try their best to thank for the support of all the people.
Next was the blessing VTR of Kim Jae Wook who is now serving the army, and the band members.
JKS sang the theme songs Please, my bus and hello, hello. Keunsuk sang better and better now!
Coming next was re-play the scene of Mary and Mary aba being chasing because of running into debt. All the house furniture was taken away. They used Japanese when acting, Japanese fans said it’s not easy to play in Japanese.
After that, Kim Hyo-Jin sang the song My precious.
Now came the love scene of Mugyul and Mary, both of them had extremely good facial expressions.
Then Mugyul oma show up, she sang the theme song of MMM.
The Q&A part, many chairs were put on the stage.
When Moon was going to sit on the chair, Suk supported her with his hands to help her to sit down.
Oma seeing this, joking that “me too, me too”(I also need your help, LOL~) All the people laughed out.
Q: What is your favorite scene?
Suk: The kiss scene.
Moon: The “mong mong”and “miao miao”talk at the first date.
Audiences: Ah!
Q: suppose that you are the playwright, how will you write the ending?
A: Mugyul and Mary should have a happy and formal wedding!
Q: The color of Mary’s car when they first met?
A: all people answered “red”, which is the right answer.
Q: When Mugyul and Mary making the kimchi together, what is the color of their gloves?
Moon answered red, and the rest answered pink, but the right answer was orange.
Q: When Mugyul composed the song, what he draw when he could not figure out the lyric?
Moon: A cat.
After answered all the questions, Moon asked what reward she would get if she answer all the questions right. (so cute.)
Mugyul oma revealed that when shooting MMM, the kimchi Moon made was really delicious, that’s why there was the scene of Mugyul and Mary fed each other.
Moon became shy and said, “It’s just so-so.”then Suk gently embraced Moon. (Japanese fans: ah, it’s so shy)
When the MC asked the others’s view of Moon, Mary aba said, “She is very cute, whoever see her will want to work with her. She is a cute and kind-hearted girl from the inner heart. No matter what she does, she works very hard, she has the specialty to be the most excellent actress and she will be the best actress of Korea! ”
Q: How do MGY think of Mary aba?
Moon: He is a joyful and nice man, I feel as if I am his real daughter, which make my father envy very much.
Then Moon sang the song “Super star”(really hope that the DVD will be released, eager to collect this performance.)
Suk sang the Japanese version of “I will promise you”, in fact, suk almost used Japanese during the whole FM.
Then fine people read the lines in MMM in Japanese.
The line Moon read was the part she present how she met and fell in love with Mugyul: “Love begins as a traffic accident…”
Then suk and moon played the scene of them sitting in front of the slide in the park. Suk and Moon sat together, beside to each other, and Suk put his hand on Moon’s knee, hold Moon’s hand with his both hands.
He sang “My Precious”. During his singing, he hold Moon’s hand all the time, whenever they look into each other’s eyes, it looks great. When in the space of song, Suk whispered to Moon, and Moon lowered her head shyly. (so romantic!)
At the end of the song, Suk said “You are my Precious”to Moon, it seemed that Moon’s face blushed a little and Suk looked a bit moved, which made the eels very envious.
At the end they extended their greeting to all the audience, Moon wished all the audiences have a happy memory.
Then the “mong mong miao miao ” couple said goodbye to the audience by saying “mong mong”and“miao miao ”.

Part 2: The MMM FM at night

Q: which scene do you want to delete if you can?
Moon: No.
Suk: The scene my mom kisses me.
Mugyul oma: there was no this scene in the script, but after discussing with the staffs, I decide to act like that. (lol)
Q: Have you have any fated encounter by far? What kind of fate it is?
Suk: Now it’s fated. (all people cheered)
Moon: Not yet by far. I wish I can encounter the fated person, the kind of person—ah, it’s he!
Suk said in Japanese: Am I not your fated person?
Moon: Is it? ( in Korea)
Suk: Ah!
Then Suk and Moon looked into each other, Moon pat on Suk’s shoulder, asked Suk: “Are you OK?(In Japanese)”
Suk: I am not ok. (In Japanese) (they really have very good relation!)

Q&A about the drama...

Q: How many candles been lighted on cake when divorced party?
Moon: Ten ? And look around but no one is confident to give her the answer
A: Five

Q: What's been hanged nearby the window by Mary's dad?
Moon: Family's photo (?) Why I feel I did not know the correct answer at all?
Others are all have no idea about the question
A: A due bill

Q: What's the destination showed on the flight ticket Mary's dad gave to MuGyo
in private ?
Moon: Japan. This answer is responsed directly from the memory
Suk: USA
A: Japan

At this moment, Suk said he will make a plan to be a volunteer to Sendai this
year from his heart.

Mary's dad talk about MGY during the performance: A hard working actress.
Being a young actress, I still can learn much more from her. So please cherish
such a good actress like her !!

(Blogger: Mary's dad really love her and cherish her )

(Japan fans: The difference between day scene and night scene will be the
audiences response to the performer more direct. MGY looks well and not feel
nervous after day scene. Look forward to the Osaka performance coming soon


Translation: Japanese to Chinese: Totoro
Chinese to English: Sasa & Phyllis

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Lee Ah Hyun: “Keun Suk & Geun Young fed each other “

On Marry Me Mary Fanmeeting in Japan (Aug.18,2011)

Actress Lee Ah Hyun who played Jang Keun Suk’s mom on Marry Me Mary revealed

something about Keun Suk and Moon Geun Young.

“During the filming , Moon Geun Young had eaten some kimchi , and it taste

really good. After that i saw them fed each other the kimchi!” Lee Ah Hyun stated.

Jang Geun Suk replied “That’s because we are so close to each other!”

then he lightly embraced Moon Geun Young.

Fans feel so jealous when they saw it :)

[c] Baidu + Japanese Fan Accounts

Friday, August 19, 2011

[MV] Jang Geun Suk & Moon Geun Young Airport Fashion Style - Matching Grey Couple ♥

Jang Geun Suk & Moon Geun Young at airport
They wore the same color again "GREY" ahem ^^

credit: vitriana @ YouTube

Jang Keun Suk to Moon Geun Young: “Am I not your fated person?”

Yesterday on Marry Me Mary Live Show, Jang Keun Suk and Moon Geun Young

had an interview session.

The host asked Keun Suk and Geun Young ; “Any fated moment you have so far? How do u feel it’s fated?”

Then Keun Suk replied: “Now is the fated moment!” ( happily shouting)

Moon Geun Young replied :” Not yet for me so far. If it’s possible, to meet the person whom makes me feel “Ah~he it is!”.”

Then our Jang Keun Suk immediately spoke to Moon Geun Young in Japanese.

“Am I not the one your fated person? “

Moon Geun Young replied to him , ” Is it?”

Keun Suk: “Ahhhhh~~~”

They looked at each other then Moon clapped Suk’s shoulder

saying “are u alrite?”

Then our KeunSuk replied: No~

Haha!! Moon Geun Young, Keun Suk is not allright

coz you know that for him, he is your fated person

Jang Keun Suk confessed to their 20,000 Fans about the Kissing Scene with Moon Geun Young

Jang Keun Suk & Moon Geun Young drama ‘Marry Me Mary’

had a 2 Live Show last night at Tokyo Japan, with more than

20,000 fans who watched the FM.

The two Geuns met their fans, and performed live.

Jang Keun Suk sang My Precious, Hello Hello, Please My Bus,

and I will Promise You, while Moon Geun Young sang “You are my Superstar”

They also reenact some scenes of Marry Me Mary.

Fans are screaming because of Jang Keun Suk & Moon Geun Young sweetness.

They also had an interview session.

When Suk was asked what is his favorite scene on the drama

he said , “The kissing scene with Moon Geun Young!,

because i had fully practiced it!”

The fans got envy and screamed, right away,

The Marry Me Mary Live Show become successful, Japanese fans

wants more.

Meanwhile, on August 23 Jang Keun Suk & Moon Geun Young

will go to Osaka for their next Marry Me Mary Live Show.

source: Nate

[Fan account]Marry Me Mary FM in Japan

The GeunGeun bits:

Before the Q&A session started and the casts were taking their seats, Sukkie pulled a chair for Moonie. When Mama Mugyul saw him do that to Moon, she said “Me too” to Sukkie (laughs)

A couple of Q&A questions:
[Favourite scene?]
Suk: Kiss scene
Moon: The first time Mary and Mugyul met, and the “Mong mong, nyau!” scene
- the audience then asked the Geuns to say the “Mong mong, nyau!” lines to each other, and they did! They were both so cute.

[If you were the scriptwriter, how would you write the ending?]
Moon: Until the end, Mary and Mugyul’s (relationship) had a comedic feel to it. I would want them to be happy and have a real wedding

Mama Mugyul revealed, “During filming, Geun Young had eaten some kimchi and it tasted really good. So she and Geun Suk then fed each other the kimchi”. To that, Sukkie replied “That’s because we’re close” and lightly embraced Moonie. Kyaa–!

In front of the playground slide prop on the stage, Mary and Mugyul sat on chairs and he started singing My Precious. At this time, he had his hand on her lap!!! Moonie grasped his hand on her lap with both hands. Their hands were always clasped throughout, gazing into each others’ eyes, their expressions had great feelings. During the bridge of the song, Sukkie whispered something into Moonie’s ear and she nodded…it was very romantic.

Even when Sukkie said the last line “My precious…” at the very end of the song, he was looking at Moonie so fixedly that it felt as if those words were directed to her. There were mixed and envious cheers from the Eels.

(At the end of the show) the Geuns shouted “Mong mong!” to the audience and the audience replied “Nyau!”

Full & original blog post:
Credit: カズイブ
Translation: Hachimitsu

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