Thursday, September 1, 2011

Moon Geun Young intimately poked Keun Suk's plump cheek with her finger

MMM Osaka FM (August 23)
The MC asked KimHyoJin, what kind of person suk was when shooting. She said that keunsuk often make fun with other people. At that time, suk did the action--showing the whites of his eyes for many times, like what he did in the show“DO YOU REMEMBER”. He also wanted to do that to KimHyoJin, but seeing KHJ was answering the question, he gave up. Moon Geun Young was by Geun Suk’s side, intimately poked Suk’s plump cheek with her finger, two people interacted like that intimately. It feels like that they are intimate men and women friends.

credit: 格蕾丝Cri
translation: Sasa at GeunGeunbar baidu

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