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Moon Geun Young VS Kim Hyo Jin Fiercely Battle, who will Jang Geun Suk choose?

Moon Geun Young (Wi Mae Ri) and Kim Hyo Jin (Seo Joon) is in the middle of the charm of confrontation last nights episode of Mary Stayed Out All Night.
Moon Geun Young ; cute charm and Kim Hyo Jin's mysterious charm had their first meeting.

Last Night, Seo Joon (Kim Hyo Jin) was at her photoshoot, when her manager say
bad things to MaeRi(Moon Geun Young) that makes Seo Joon misunderstood and threw Maeri's
phone in the bathroom mirror.

Mae Ri tries
to understand and tried to restore the relationship with her & Seo Joon.

Mae Ri's free spirit, nurture friendships makes Mu Gyul likes her,

Moon Geun Young said, "
Mary' is a strong young woman that can not be shaken under any circumstances. Absurd, even when difficult family environment, was involved in a virtual marriage in her own way"

Kim Hyo Jin added , "
Mary' and 'Seo Joon' will strikes a lot more attention spent on the scene. In the development of the relationship between two people is going to be a big point, "

Who will Mu Gyul choose? Is it Mae Ri or Seo Joon?


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Jang Geun Suk's Cute Smile

Reposted at KeunSuk DC Gall + shiro twitter^^

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

SUPER STAR - 한승연 (KARA) Lyrics

You`re My Super Star

naman-ui meosjin

Honey Honey Honey

eonje eodiseona nal jikyeojun

Genie Genie Genie

You`re My shining star

naema eumsog-eul hwanhi bichwojul dan han salam

sesang-eseo yuilhan geudaeneun naman-ui

Super Star

bogo sipgo gaseum-eun dugeundugeun ppalli dalligo

oneuldo yei ye iye

naemam-eun jakku jakkuman tteollyeoogo

naeildo wau wauwa

maeil maeil dam-eullaei gieogdeul da

neowa naega gadeug junbi han haengbog

yeong-wonhi ani geuboda deo olaesdong-an

nal jikyeojul yuilhan salam

You`re My Super Star

naman-ui meosjin

Honey Honey Honey

eonje eodiseona nal jikyeojun

Genie Genie Genie

You`re My shining star

naema eumsog-eul hwanhi bichwojul dan han salam

sesang-eseo yuilhan geudaeneun naman-ui

Super Star

naleul bomyeon gaseum-i dugeundugeun ppalli dallinde

eojjeonji yeiye

nalbolmyeon jakku jakkuman tteollyeo onde

eotteoghae wau wauwa

I will promise you

yogsimmanh-eun sesang-i neol mil-eo naedo

eonje kkajina nan sujub-eun keullemen tain

I`m so happy

You`re My Super Star

naman-ui meosjin Honey Honey Honey

eonje eodiseona nal jikyeojun

Genie Genie Genie

You`re My shining star

naema eumsog-eul hwanhi bichwojul dan han salam

sesang-eseo yuilhan

geudaeneun naman-ui

Super Star

You`re My Super Star

naega seum gip-i sumgyeonoh-eun geu boseog gat-eun

naesalm-ui yuilhan geudae naman-ui

Super Star

TELL ME YOUR LOVE - 트랙스 (Trax) Lyrics

TELL ME YOUR LOVE - 트랙스 (Trax)

nunbusideon geuttae tell me your love

geudaega-eobsneun naneun honjain geol fall in your love

meol-eojin gieog sog-e heut-eojin neol I love u love u love u

naeson-eul nohjineunma ~ ~

Oh I love u love u Always tell me your love

nun gam-eumyeon geuttaeui balam geuttae hyang-giga nal gamssa an-a

tteollideon sungan kkumcheoleom alyeonhan gieog sog-eulo ikkeullyeo

anayo kkumman gat-eungeol neowa hamkkehan geu sigan-e

gong-gikkajido dalkomhada neungeol

nunbusideon geuttae tell me your love

geudaega-eobsneun naneun honjain geol fall in your love

meol-eojin gieog sog-e heut-eojin neol I love u love u love u

naeson-eul nohjineunma ~ ~

Oh I love u love u Always tell me your love

eonjenganeun jigeum-ui ulil ijgo sal-agal sudo issgessji

hajiman jinan sigan-ui mugeboda neoleul salang hal kkeoya

naenun-e niga beonjyeoseo eotteongeosdo bol su eobs-eum-eul

ojig neoman-i nae mamsog-eiss-eo

nunbusideon geuttae tell me your love

geudaega-eobsneun naneun honjain geol fall in your love

meol-eojin gieog sog-e heut-eojin neol

I love u love u love u naeson-eul nohjineunma ~ ~

Oh I love u love u Always tell me your love

geudaedo ileon mam-igessjyo

deullyeoyo halu jong-il geudae eumseong

naleunhan hyang-gi gat-eun

sigan-eun nawa gatgessjyo

nunbusideon geuttae tell me your love

geudaega-eobsneun naneun muuimi hangeol fall in your love

damgyeojin chueog sog-e yuilhan neol I love u love u love u

naeson-eul nohjineunma ~ ~ Oh I love u love u

Always tell me your love~ oh~~

I love u love u always tell me your love 

[NEWS] Why Jang Geun Suk and Moon Geun Young was really good?

[My Daily pop culture news] Moon Geun Young & Jang Geun Suk,was the best leading of their new generation of child star to star!

"This two. Jang Geun Suk & Moon Geun Young was really good in acting or in any other professions in entertainment. As a Child it would have been difficult to overcome so much and it has grown into an adult actor."

Last night was the first broadcast of their drama 'Mary stayed out all Night '. Looking at them that is heard before word came from child-star actress Jang Seo Hee began acting as a performer . Jang Seo Hee in the last 2009 SBS Drama Awards ceremony at the child as an adult actress she said that Jang Geun Suk and Moon Geun Young will switched to her own back.

And acted out the drama it is unique material about a virtual marriage with love and dreams of young men and women for the romantic comedy .

Jang and Moon Geun-young age of 23 years to pay each actor at the age of 10 and 12 years were enrolled.In 1997 a 10-year-old Jang Geun Suk saw in cable TV sitcom 'Happiness Sale' appeared after the 'hug''Encounter', and after appearing in child 'Hwang Jin Yi,''Hong Gil Dong' and adult actors into the process 'Beethoven Virus' showcased the intense smoke rose to stardom. And he become more popular on his previous drama 'Minami Shineyo'

Moon Geun-young is too young when she enter in showbiz .She's just 12 years old in 1999 'road' in 2000 after debuting as an actor through the 'Autumn in my heart' as the young Song Hye Gyo to fame for her portrayal of the most popular child star injured After 'The Last Empress,''his wife' Tale of Two Sisters' and the best child acting in films and dramas unfolded. Since 'The Painter of Wind' and 'Cinderellas sister' make her as an adult actor was a successful transformation.

Take the limelight as a child star best successful switch to a new generation of two new generation of adult actors adult transition from child actor in the inevitable growing pains resulting from the position as well to overcome was the star of today. Child actor to adult actor is the activity of the switch after the child has already got past activity bonds rather successful as an actor, if not many many fan activities.

And the frustration in this process, some child actors have extreme social choices should also cause the water. Moon Geun-young and Jang Geun Suk in this situation as a successful child actor to adult actor, as a transition and also got what was a natural progression.

Launched last night showed 'Mary stayed out all night 'good character from the Moon Geun-young and Jang Raise ambassadors also impeccably facial expression made it a natural act. A romantic comedy drama actors have exaggerated the flow of smoke and a lot of character and is interfering in the flow of the two to help the flow of the play can be absorbed in the character so it is very refined and understated acting was praised.

They anticipated a more beloved to work whenever it appears, she is developing and evolving. Because of this, the public will have two rookie expected to star. Jang Seo Hee added ;" This is why many people love Moon Geun Young & Jang Geun Suk because theyre a great actors, and have a beautiful chemistry.


List of Mary Stayed Out All Night OST (11 Songs)

MMM OST is said to be out on Nov 15, 11 songs in total. JKS would sing 2 songs.

[cr: shiro401 tweet]

Song Lists:

01. Super Star - 한승연(카라) hanseungyeon (Kara)

02. Tell Me Your Love - TRAX

03. 부탁해, My Bus! - 장근석 ♥JKS ♥

04. My Precious - 장근석 ♥ JKS ♥

05. Europa - Janinto

06. 무결테마

07. Congratulation

08. 술래잡기

09. Running up

10. Emotions

11.달려라 Donkey!

[NEWS] Mary Stayed Out all Nigh first episode ratings

The first episode of 'Mary Stayed out all Night' has been watched by many viewers distribute largely .

Ratings research company AGB Nielsen Media Research tally of ' Mary Stayed out all Night' first episode is 8.5 percent (less than a nationwide basis) had a rating of record.

Previously aired 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal' has the ratings for 10%, whereas it is written, followed by one of the first broadcast channel drops less than expected and left scores.

The distribution of women with the highest viewer 30 (17%), including the 10-40 record over 10%, while 8% of male viewers and 40 are single digits to record anything less than the best recorded.

Few changes the nature of comic work, and even then the high contrast of female viewers, men and even then it's like a low.

Meanwhile, the first episode aired on the main character, Mary and Indie vocal Kang Mu Gyul,t was drawn encounter.



(Credits to stars4u of soompi)

MGY writing a what seems to be a contract then they went drinking ang JGS feeding her the soup!!!JGS offers her a drink and she tells him that he can't handle alcohol well and she thought it would be a good idea to make him drunk so that she could get his signature again.then they go on a drunken show on the street then suddenly JGS disappears and appears again with a plant he pulled up and gives it to GY like a bouquet. JGS sees her scar on the forehead and realizes that it's quite big and that a scar like that would be a complex for girls... then kisses her forehead!!

!they both lie on the street but the next day she wakes up in her house wondering what time and how she went home and finds the impromptu bouquet JGS gave but she failed to realize that JGS was rolled inside a blanket on the side! hahahaah!She goes to work but gets the sad news that she has no work to do and goes home to find him in the shower! She cashes him out telling him that he should go to his girlfriend the one written on his guitar case but discovers he has a bruise in his side. so she goes treating (or rather making it hurt more) it! then he asks her name and refers to it as "Mary" as in the one in "Merry Christmas" and she balks that she hates that! he then tells her to drop the formalities and he tries to leave but fails due to the pain.

We see a guy (the chief baker in Kim Tak Gu) being chased and manages to escape riding a taxi. He seemed to have stole a wallet and when he discovers the wallet did not contain anything big so he gets off the bridge blocking cars to get a ride (?) but fails. (okay! he's Mary's dad)Mary is applying for jobs. when JGS wakes up She guesses his actions with her eyes closed like going to the bathroom to cooking her fave ramyun! hahahahha! then they battle over it!She washes the dishes then she sorta scolds him but then says sorry. He finally leaves and she asks for her signature one last time and her gives it and leaves with these lines

JGS: Merry Christmas

MGY: Happy New year!

Me: bwahahahahhahahahahah!

JGS goes off to witness a group of people arguing just then her fans flock him!We meet with KJW at the airport and hi dad(?) telling him to get on to blind dates (maseon)....when he gets on the car he asks for his maseon candidates'profiles.In a some kind of cemetery(?), KJW's dad sees Mary's dad being beaten so he gets back up to help and so they are friends!Mary is waiting for the bus to arrive but when she gets on she finds her wallet empty thus she goes off the bus and walks... she has her front door with a notice for her to leave the place and a bunch of mails to create an illusion that she hasn't been going home....She has a habit of counting when she feels like crying and talks to her mom telling her that she can't even go to her even if it's her anniversary and she does not even know where her father is... then the doorbell rings...

JGS: Merry Christmas!!!he comes back to Mary's home reeking of alcohol then gives her money for his room fee! and she tells him that he should go to his girlfriend but as he was about to leave Mary's father comes back and Mary tells him to jump from the window but he argues that it is cold and hides him in the bathroom. Mary tells him not to worry but his dad tells her that they can now live since his hyung from japan came and told him that he has a son and that him and Mary should marry! but then just then!!! the toilet flushes!!!! hahaha! and dad discovers JGS in the bathroom smiling! hahah

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More Unseen Pics of JGS & MGY


KARA Seungyeon sang the #MSOAN Ost

Girl Group Kara's member han seung yeon sang the Mary Stayed out all Night OST.

This would be the ending theme song of Mary Stayed out all Night to the audience and seeing through Seungyeon voice.

Also TRAX sang the other OST titled 'Tell Me Youre Love' Trax's voice will grace the opening of the drama in this bright, fresh voice and lively rhythm.

#MSOAN 'Mary Stayed out all Night' Car sponsor

cr:MSOAN Fanpage

Volkswagen Korea will be a car sponsored of Mary Stayed out all night that the first episode is tonight on KBS 2TV .CC,

include the new page CC, tiguan, Golf GTD and its sponsors said the vehicle Dagger.

Volkswagen officials, including the emergence of young actors in this drama that introduces the main models and the strategy is to go on promotional vehicle.

Major high-performance hatchback model of the Golf GTD model in a drama with a chic look perfect lead singer Jang Geun Suk .This small sports utility vehicle (SUV) is an actor tiguaneun elegance and purity of the station with a strong personality Kim Hyo Jin respectively, are slated to ride.

Mary Stayed out all Night will have more fun to enjoy watching #MSOAN

Today the most upcoming drama 'Mary Stayed out all Night' will be aired tonight. They surely said that it would be 100 times more fun to enjoy watching when the points have been released.

Moon Geun Young, Jang Geun Suk, Kim Jae Wook & Kim Hyo Ji casting call events collected before airing the drama "Mary, stayed out all night is about a 'virtual marriage' that will knocks the unique material of the drama.

Mary (Moon Geun-young) will get married to Mu Gyul & Jung In for 100 days of a virtual marriage' . During the grace period of 100 days, Mary is a need to identify the real Prince Charming. The bridegroom, who will be the the one she loved.

Snappy and delightful scene, a bright picture tube with dye scheduled "Mary stayed out all night' whose main cast is Moon & Jang is a great actors on their generation. Many strong acting skills accumulated through the work of two people breathing the same age as a couple of fantasy that is said to have been proud.

Finally, observers point directly to the right Jang Geun Suk sang the ost titled 'Take Care, My Bus!' More attractive and colorful images to create all the drama OST.The OST has participated in music video director and some synergistic increase when meet expectations.

The KBS2 Sungkyunkwan scandal subsequent televised "Mary stayed out all night' is a story of the two men and a woman married to a dual virtual cheerfully romantic comedy depicts KBS2 9:55 tonight is the first broadcast.

cr:MSOAN Fanpage

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MSOAN Shooting New Pics

Here comes Mae Ri !

credits as tagged + GeunGeun Couple FB

[INFO]Mary Stayed Out All Night watch the match shooter event

Source: TV Daily News

Upcoming drama 'Mary stayed out all night' will have a mobile event called 'watching the match shooter event', such as the unfolding of a new public relations strategy that has attracted the attention of viewers.

KBS 2TV drama 'Mary stayed out all Night will have an excited event for the viewers, the QR (Quick Response) code that will be using just by ' watching the match shooter event '
For the first time a broadcast TV event will be Using QR Code .

Watch the broadcasting of the event was shown on the screen when the QR code is scanned. anyone can participate, and entries that are available only during broadcasting. Lottery among the participants to the event sponsor through the drama, variety of products, and prizes will be paid.

Especially in the event of the prizes ,Moon Geun-young, Jang Geun Suk- Kim Jae Wook - Kim Hyo Jin is expected to be ready for some props.

KBS Media official said, "Given recent trends, as well as fun to watch the fun part was prepared with consideration of the events" and "a little more a rapport with our audience the drama, constantly trying to create a new marketing," he said....

Prizes will from Jang Geun Suk, Moon Geun Young, Kim Jae Wook & Kim Hyo Jin.

Mary Stayed out all night will be broadcast tomorrow.

KBSMary Twitter plus Photo Update

Here is the twitter update of the Official Twitter account
of 'Mary Stayed out all Night'
Translated by me :GeunGeunLOVE

First tweet:

Hmm~Its near to the broadcasting time of our new drama. Were looking forward on it.
Today is online..kekeke
Were going to work hard to make it successful.

Second tweet:

Mae Ri is currently have shooting in Hongdae River. Kekeke. Im going to watch.

And the last tweet with MGY pic ^^

Woo..Hihi. Take a few minutes to talk with the actors..
And secretly taking some pictures on it.
Who? Of course me ^^ ^^ ^^deuktem~~~

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[PREVIEW] KBS TV series "Marry me, Mary"

Reposted from : Mary Stayed out all Night Fanpage

A couple walks along a tranquil residential area that sunrays are breaking into. The guy plays a guitar and the girl takes photographs. Then shortly after, this couple who could not possibly look any happier, run down a street while each holds the hands of a different man and woman. The four meet in the middle of the street and wave to each other, smiling. This one-minute 45-second teaser trailer of upcoming KBS TV series "Marry me, Mary," revealed at its press conference on Wednesday, showed the relationships between the main characters and the atmosphere they will be surrounded by in the drama.

"Marry me, Mary,' based on a comic of the same name by writer Won Soo-yeon, is a romantic comedy which shows how main female character Mary (Moon Geun-young), not at all ready to get married, becomes concerned about the realistic issues and love and marriage, in between two men. Mary, who has suddenly become a married woman because her father forced her into a contractual marriage with the young and wealthy Jungin (Kim Jae-wook), makes things worse by ending up in two marriages by taking a fake marriage photo with indie band vocalist Mugyul (Jang Keun-suk). And she must decide on one after being married to both for 100 days. With the appearance of Seojun (Kim Hyo-jin), Mugyul's former girlfriend and also actress who has signed with Jungin, the four slowly start to get to know each other and love and envy.

The video clips revealed on the day of the press conference showed that the producers had put a lot of thought into materializing the sentimentality felt in romantic comic books onto the screen. The scenes shot on the streets of Hongik University, where Mugyul is based, contained the bright autumn sunlight captured by the camera to create delicate and soft images. The fact that joint producers Hong Suk-goo and Kim Young-kyun are both taking their first tries at mini-series has also seemed to have played a role in creating a 'young' picture.

Scenes from KBS TV series "Marry me, Mary" [KBS]

Storywise, the drama's greatest chance at doing well lays in how well it makes its viewers understand 'double marriage' which could be an unfamiliar matter to many. And unlike the original work which has ben published serially for over two years, the time limitation the show will have as a 16-part drama must be taken into consideration. That is why the producers said they loosely adopted the set-up from the original series and re-created the comic into a realistic drama. Writer In Eun-ah, in charge of the show's script, explained that the characters and situations they are put in will be different and that she "attempted to create a fun and easy-to-watch story about marriage and families." Hong Suk-koo, who asked the actors not to read the original comic since the story will be different, said "The characters are from the romantic comedy genre but about a realistic story."

The bright imagery, the casting of Jang Keun-suk and Moon Geun-young, and a romantic comedy by Won Soo-yeon. The three factors may remind one of TV series "Full House" which was popular throughout Asia. And "Marry me, Mary," being jointly produced with Japan's ACC, has already been pre-sold to Taiwan and China at record high prices. KBS' drama department director Lee Eung-jin did not fail to hide the quaint excitement he felt over the drama. "The top actors of the second Hallyu generation are stepping into the world. This will be an opportunity to show Korea's cultural power." But like Jang said, that he is "trying to make a good drama ahead of it being a Hallyu content," it will be difficult to ascertain the success of a drama whose degree of completion has not been vouched. Director Hong Suk-koo who said, "I see myself when I was in my 20s overlap with the characters and actors in their 20s." And writer In Eun-ah she will write the story "honestly" and "work hard at it." Will the two be able to tell a 'real' story about the love and marriage of people in their 20s? "Marry me, Mary" premieres at 9:55 p.m. on November 8.

Reporter : Lee Seung-Han fourteen@

Photographer : Chae ki-won ten@

Editor : Jessica Kim jesskim@

<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>

Kang Mu Gyul the cat !

haha. Love this one. reposted from DC Gall. ^o^

Photo update ^^

Haha. Sweet ^^

KBS “Marry me, Mary” have got 1.63 tons of rice from the actors’ fans.

On November 3rd at Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul, KBS new drama series “Marry me, Mary” (Mary Stayed Out All Night) held its press conference. At the event, both domestic and foreign fans support their actors & actresses by sending rice wreath 1.63 tons. All rice wreath come from Jang Keun Suk’s fans 1,240 kg., Moon Geun Young’s fans 310 kg., Kim Hyo Jin’s fans 80 kg. All these rice will be donated for starving people on behalf of actors and their fans.

Credits:Lovesears + Ladymoon

Marry Me Mary BTS Pics

Credit as tagged + GeunGeunCouple FB

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Sweet Geun's on the presscon

All i can say is. Theyre really sweet.. Evidence?
Here ah~ !!

( * JGS: Moon Geun Young ssi.. You're so beautiful today~!)

( MGY: Hee..Really ah? Dont fool me KeunSuk Ssi ^^)
(JGS: its true, im telling you , you're beautiful today!!)

( JGS: Geun Young ah~! Look at me..)

(MGY: Why are you looking like that?) (JGS: Haha. Nothing..^^)

OOPS..Too close

When you look me in the eyes..i catch a glimpse of heaven. Everything's alright, when you're right here by my side..

(MGY: Jang Geun Suk is very caring, i like his attitude, he's the reason why i accept the role as Mae Ri..") (JGS: Yippie.. Clap..clap.. ^^)


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