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[interview] JKS’ Favorites & Number

credits: Jangkeunsukforever

UPDATE: added a supplement of his favorite number “3″
Here we’ll introduce JKS’ tangible and intangible favorites of trivia. Some are answered with a number. 

Except your family members, who do you contact first when you arrive at airports in Korea after you return from travel or oversea activities?
My managers to ask from where I should go out.
What kind of snacks do you eat on the flight?
Peanut cookies.
What kind of music do you listen to when you’re alone?
Regardless of genre, I listen to various kinds like classic, electronic and even country music.
Who is the person (a close friend) you never miss to invite your birthday party?
Manager Kim Byeon Geon.
What are the top three movies which inspired you so far?
“Modern Times”, “Rebel Without a Cause” and “Radio Star”.
What is the best book which inspired you so far?
“Norwegian Wood” written by Haruki Murakami.
What is your favorite beverage (coffee, tea, soda…)?
What is your favorite alcoholic beverage (wine, beer, makkori, shouchu; distilled spirit, Western liquor…)? How much is your skinful?
My favorite is Dom Pérignon. My skinful is around three bottles of shouchu.
What is your favorite color?
Wine color.
What is your favorite weather (specifically, how much of cloud or rains)?
I like sunny weather.
But ironically, wherever I go, I bring rain… My fans call this “JKS effect”.
What is your favorite season?
Autumn. Because I hate the cold.
What is your favorite food?
My mother’s Kimuchi Jjigae.
What is your favorite animal?
Puppy. Especially Suni I raise.
What is your favorite among your works?
Drama “Hwang Jin-i”. Movie “The Happy Life”.
Who is the actor/ actress except your previous costar you want to act with?
Actress Jun In-Wha.
What do you think your most attractive feature is?
Laughter (smile). My fans say that it’s beautiful.
What kind of behavior makes you happy or angry?
I omit to say my pleasing ones. lol. I get angry with false words and deeds.
What do you always carry in your bag?
Laptop, mobile phone and books for my spare time.
What is the most memorable fan or episode?
For me, every episode with fans is memorable and unforgettable.
What is the coloring of your mobile phone right now?
Nothing special.
What is your habit or favorite phrase?
I have a habit of saying “CRI”. For example, Thank you-CRI. Hi-CRI.
I often use it. The name of my fan club is CRI-J.
How much do you have frequent flyer miles?
About 180,000 mileage points.
How much is the single-day sales of Geun-chan bread?
I’m not sure, but I heard it was very hard to get it at convenience stores.
How much is the sales of SUNTORY “Seoul Makkori” last year?
1,500,000 boxes. (1 box includes 24 cans of makkori. Each can contains 350ml. )
How much is the highest appearance fee as a advertising ambassador?
No comment!
What is your complex or jinx?
When I have a show, even if it’s sunny at first, suddenly it begins to rain or snow.
My fans call it “JKS effect”.
How long is your longest sleeping hours?
14 hours.
How long is your longest working hours without sleep?
About 48 hours.
What works got the highest audience rating?
Drama “Hwang Jin-i”.
How many members do you have in your official fan club?
5,000 members in Korea.
How many times did you travel by plane last year?
More than 20 times.
How many countries have you ever been to?
More than 10 countries.
How many times have you experienced with a love relationship so far?
How long do you use your computer a day?
About 2 or 3 hours. Mainly I use smartphones to browse the internet.
How many movies do you watch a month?
When I have time at home, I watch 3 or 4 movies a day.
What is your favorite number?
It’s 3. I believe “삼세번”; the doctrine that everything is well-balanced by three (Trinity).
* JKS used the word “삼세번”. I heard that this word (meaning; 3 times) implies a lot of things The above translation is my interpretation before I knew it.

The words reflects a spirit of patience. “Don’t give up if you fail in your first challenge, and try it at least three times.” And it also means even though you made a mistake twice before, it’s acceptable. Then you’ll be successful to take advantage of them on the third attempt. In English we also have a saying, “Third time pays for all”.
What time do you usually go to bed?
Around 2-3 am.
What time do you usually get up in the morning?
10 am if I don’t have any schedule.
How old it the youngest fan? How old is your most common fan age-group?
The youngest is 5 years old. My fan age-group varies. Actually I have an 80 year-old fan whose age is similar to my grandmother’s.
How many times do you go to school a month?
I went to school twice a week in the second semester in 2011.
What are your height, weight, shoe size and waist size?
182 cm, 62kg, 27.5cm and 28-29 inches.

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