Tuesday, November 9, 2010


(Credits to stars4u of soompi)

MGY writing a what seems to be a contract then they went drinking ang JGS feeding her the soup!!!JGS offers her a drink and she tells him that he can't handle alcohol well and she thought it would be a good idea to make him drunk so that she could get his signature again.then they go on a drunken show on the street then suddenly JGS disappears and appears again with a plant he pulled up and gives it to GY like a bouquet. JGS sees her scar on the forehead and realizes that it's quite big and that a scar like that would be a complex for girls... then kisses her forehead!!

!they both lie on the street but the next day she wakes up in her house wondering what time and how she went home and finds the impromptu bouquet JGS gave but she failed to realize that JGS was rolled inside a blanket on the side! hahahaah!She goes to work but gets the sad news that she has no work to do and goes home to find him in the shower! She cashes him out telling him that he should go to his girlfriend the one written on his guitar case but discovers he has a bruise in his side. so she goes treating (or rather making it hurt more) it! then he asks her name and refers to it as "Mary" as in the one in "Merry Christmas" and she balks that she hates that! he then tells her to drop the formalities and he tries to leave but fails due to the pain.

We see a guy (the chief baker in Kim Tak Gu) being chased and manages to escape riding a taxi. He seemed to have stole a wallet and when he discovers the wallet did not contain anything big so he gets off the bridge blocking cars to get a ride (?) but fails. (okay! he's Mary's dad)Mary is applying for jobs. when JGS wakes up She guesses his actions with her eyes closed like going to the bathroom to cooking her fave ramyun! hahahahha! then they battle over it!She washes the dishes then she sorta scolds him but then says sorry. He finally leaves and she asks for her signature one last time and her gives it and leaves with these lines

JGS: Merry Christmas

MGY: Happy New year!

Me: bwahahahahhahahahahah!

JGS goes off to witness a group of people arguing just then her fans flock him!We meet with KJW at the airport and hi dad(?) telling him to get on to blind dates (maseon)....when he gets on the car he asks for his maseon candidates'profiles.In a some kind of cemetery(?), KJW's dad sees Mary's dad being beaten so he gets back up to help and so they are friends!Mary is waiting for the bus to arrive but when she gets on she finds her wallet empty thus she goes off the bus and walks... she has her front door with a notice for her to leave the place and a bunch of mails to create an illusion that she hasn't been going home....She has a habit of counting when she feels like crying and talks to her mom telling her that she can't even go to her even if it's her anniversary and she does not even know where her father is... then the doorbell rings...

JGS: Merry Christmas!!!he comes back to Mary's home reeking of alcohol then gives her money for his room fee! and she tells him that he should go to his girlfriend but as he was about to leave Mary's father comes back and Mary tells him to jump from the window but he argues that it is cold and hides him in the bathroom. Mary tells him not to worry but his dad tells her that they can now live since his hyung from japan came and told him that he has a son and that him and Mary should marry! but then just then!!! the toilet flushes!!!! hahaha! and dad discovers JGS in the bathroom smiling! hahah

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