Tuesday, November 9, 2010

[NEWS] Mary Stayed Out all Nigh first episode ratings

The first episode of 'Mary Stayed out all Night' has been watched by many viewers distribute largely .

Ratings research company AGB Nielsen Media Research tally of ' Mary Stayed out all Night' first episode is 8.5 percent (less than a nationwide basis) had a rating of record.

Previously aired 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal' has the ratings for 10%, whereas it is written, followed by one of the first broadcast channel drops less than expected and left scores.

The distribution of women with the highest viewer 30 (17%), including the 10-40 record over 10%, while 8% of male viewers and 40 are single digits to record anything less than the best recorded.

Few changes the nature of comic work, and even then the high contrast of female viewers, men and even then it's like a low.

Meanwhile, the first episode aired on the main character, Mary and Indie vocal Kang Mu Gyul,t was drawn encounter.


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