Monday, August 29, 2011

[Fan Account] MMM Osaka Event by mamimamimanakouji

I discovered why does Geun Suk loved by so many fans....... Because he's good in fans service, study and can speak japanese...... The event also held in Tokyo then in Osaka...... He's so excited going in Osaka, he love Osaka so the show, he change costume, a leotard tops and a gold color tight pants because of so much movements in his encore performance the zipper of his pants got broken...... i think his underwear is Tommy, what size? dont ask anymore.......

The MC asked Geun Suk about what kind of 1st date he want? He answered about walking with girl then suddenly rain falls then they'll share one umbrella while walking.......

JGS: but I didnt experience that yet coz i've never been in love yet
MGY: Really, I dont believe you!!
JGS: My girlfriend is an eel, yakiunagi or unagidon? (then facing to MGY) You're an eel, right?

Fans screams hearing that..... I cant believe he asked MGY directly that question.

Note from translator: yakiunagi is broil eel or roasted eel...... unagidon is a ricebowl w/ unagi (eel) as topping......

credit: mamimamimanakouji
translation: Jem Murakami


  1. <<<< sukkie's rumored GF oh my!

  2. its all over the twitter and she speaks japanese!



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