Tuesday, December 28, 2010

JGS message 12-28-2010

Title: Empty again

The shooting time which was like a fierce battle now has become the past
It was different to how I expected it to be. Everything was not that easy.
In these two months, there were quarrels and happiness frequently
Thanks for all going well to this day…
Rather than to argue with people because of disagreement,
I’d like to give a big hand to all the actors who had fought to defend their own roles against the scripts
The result is that I had got a great consciousness and put down a work
The first condition to be a good actor is to select a good work
Due to this work…I received a birthright that I could not be arrogant
The road of Jang Keun Suk will never be perfect
It is not possible to always get a 100
But even if it’s only a 60, the things that I can comprehend are much more than from a 100 transcript
At last, I need to say something to the ones who standing opposite…
The you that kept supporting me until the end… I love you
The you that kept watching me until the end. Thank you for your hard work.
Kang Mu Gyul…He is dreaming to be more freedom than now…
Bye cri

translated by hooyeedog @ JKS Baidu Bar

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  1. wah...but i really loved MSOAN...
    ...it wasn't good?? :(



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