Sunday, December 26, 2010


These were our favorite kissing scenes of GeunGeun Couple!

So sweet right? But there are so many sweet moments of them ~ Just go to our page
to view those pics.


Oh. I forgot, well it seems are chatbox had a lot of Message from
GeunGeunFans & SukHye Fans .
Well, to GeunGeun Fans, thank you for supporting them, and keep loving these couple.
Keke. Lets support them till the end ! Okay! Mary Cri!

And to Sukhye fans.
Thank you for visiting our blog, and wasting your time to keep looking on our blog,
i think some of you are really insecure.
You're proving to us that ur totally jealous to them.
Lol. Again. This is for GeunGeun Fans not for you~!
Wish you luck! Happy New Year! :P

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