Monday, February 27, 2012

EngSub: Yashimanman 2005 Part 1


  1. why jang geun suk did not invite moon geun young in any of his concert but always invited park shin hye only?

    1. I definitely agree with Peach. JKS already stated that he really want to bring MGY in his Asian Tour. But, he doubt if it's okay. I never ever see JKS said to bring any girl on his Asian Tour. Not as a guess. But, inviting Moon to come along with him in every of his tour. If you don't get what I mean, then, you are living in delusional world then. As for Park Shin Hye, she has been invited as a guest on one of his concert only. You can see that there are nothing special happen between them during the concert. They are just singing on the stage and that's it. Nothing special. Just like Kim Ha Neul and Jang Geun Suk during musical fan meeting of "You're My Pet" at Tokyo. Also nothing special happen. If you want to know, during MMM musical fan-meeting at Tokyo, JKS treated MGY like his own girlfriend. He hold MGY hand when he sang "My Precious" from start till end of song. There are more scene where you can see that both of them is not just ordinary best friends but it's actually more than that.

      But, it useless to explain and tell you all that because you won't believe it and stick with GeunShin only. Oh well... keep dreaming.

    2. But he is the one who touch and lean on her unexpected! Oh i hate this!! And he said Tokyo Dome is special for him.

    3. @Anonymous: touch and lean on her?Haha! That's called Fan services. Her fans went to suk's concert coz she's there, so because of this suk did a fan services! XD
      And also if he said Tokyo Dome is special for him, does it means its because of that Brat Queen? Haha! LOL! That kind of thinking is like a crazy delusional fans of Geunshin! Unlike the MMM FM, you can see JKS & MGY Off and On cam! Wipe her tears, saying that 'am i not your fated person?", etc. Haha! Are you a fan of GeunGeun or not? If not then go away, you're not welcome here plus, why you needto post that here?Haha! Crazy! As far as i know, JKS is more close to MGY than PSH,you can just tell that it was PSH because she was always clinging up to suk, in order to rise her popularity. Haha! If you only know what's the truth. Haha

  2. You want me to answer that question?
    Simply because, Moon doesn't need to went to JKS concert, its because she doesn't need to gained attention to the fans, or she doesn't want to use JKS to be popular too . And besides she's busy in school, FYI. JKS always wants to invite MGY on his past asian tour but he didn't know if its okay for MGY. Unlike others, who keep using JKS popularity. :P

  3. Inviting MGY in his every of his tour is fan service. Just like saying that he wants to follow PSH to Africa at Tokyo Dome Concert also fan service. Next time you will hear he is devote fan of Yoona and this is fan service. Only wants to please fans!!!!

  4. the video is on private :(



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