Saturday, February 25, 2012

When talking about Moon ^^

♥ You smile at the very mention of her name.

Jang Geun Suk's face everytime he talks about MGY or when being asked about MGY ♥

Photo: (From Left to Right and Top to Bottom) Asian Countdown Hello Korean Star (05/15/2011); Ideal Type World Cup (12/20/2009); Star Date (04/09/2011); Knee Drop Guru (09/14/2011)


  1. I like MGY. I think she should get better person. Don't hurt her by linking her to someone who seem his mind already setting who is going to be his wife. Who proudly telling the world about the one his mother wants to be her daughter in-law. As MGY fans, can't you understand? How MGY feel about this matter? Do you think that MGY has no pride? Please don't disgrace MGY. There so many handsome guy out there who can love her better. She beautiful and talented. Let her shine brightly in her way.

    1. When JKS was asked in a fan meeting about dating the "daughter in law", he said "Honestly, I only dated PSH in drama, not for real life". So, obviously, his mom might favor PSH, but in the end JKS will still have to decide who he will marry. He had always expressed that he has a crush on MGY since 2005. On his interviews, he always mention her name. So it's pretty clear who he wants to be with.

  2. Anonymous, you have a point. BUT, fans have rights to like MGY for someone. They have their own beliefs. Yeah, suk is like that, but not always..
    Plus, this is a blog for GGC, it means they can post anything about them, They are free to talk about them. FYI he only said about the only daughter in law thing once or twice, there are some people who can't move on about it, and keep talking about it on interviews in order to gained attention...



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