Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A staff of Tree J saw the keungeun hand board

news from baidu keungeun bar, when baidu keungeun flowers went to suk' FM in Shanghai, before they entered the stadium they went to buy the products.
and a staff of Tree J, a beautiful onni, saw the keungeun hand board, she said,"Jang Keun Suk, and Moon Geun Young". then the staff asked them where they bought the hand board, how much was that. they told Tree J onni it was made by our keungeun flowers. the onni then asked them whether she could take one of our hand boards, our keungeun flowers were so happy that they gave the Tree J onni a hand board also the keungeun posters made by us. hahaha, what's more, the Tree J onni even asked about the website of baidu keungeun bar!

haha, you can see dugeun dugeun, mero mero on the keungeun hand board

the Tree J onni who took our hand board is on this pic, the middle one in the front row.

credit: keungeun flowers from baidu keungeun bar

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  1. they are perfect together..cute, intelligent, smart n perfect for each other..gudlark for miss jang n mr.jang!!go go!!>.<



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