Sunday, July 31, 2011

Moon Geun Young Speed Quiz at the FM

Speed Quiz @ FM (MGY answered 22 ques in 60secs)
Translation:coolmoon@ moonsclub

1) Greatest drinking capacity? 2 bottles of Soju
2) Do you have abs? There is no equal
3) Which fingers to use to pick your nose? With tissue, will get hurt when using hand
4) Least preferred nickname? 문주민 (Moon Ju Min)
5) First thing to do when you get back home? Turn on the air conditioner
6) Confidence in singing K 18 times? I'll be there
7) Number of contacts saved in handphone? 250 approximately
8) Recently watched movie? 127 Hours
9) Confidence in cooking? Nope
10) Would like to be reborn as a woman or a man? Woman
11) Ever think when you look in the mirror? No special thoughts
12) Metaphor of an animal? Human
13) Would like to be reborn as ? Do not want to rebirth
14) The most confident body parts? Eyes
15) If you were not an actress? A dreamer who dreams of becoming an actress
16) Want to be which protagonist in storybooks? 센 (Sen)
17) The first thing to do when you woke up in the morning? Go to the bathroom
18) Favorite group? 2ne1
19) Favorite TV program? TV Animal Farm (SBS)
20) One word to express yourself? 문/Moon
21) Favorite chicken parts? Breast
22) What is the most said word? Really???

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