Sunday, January 16, 2011

[FanCam] GeunGeun @ 2010 KBS Awards FanCam Collections

JGS "me, me, me reaction" while MGY is delivering her speech
JGS pointed himself like several times! he's like a little kid getting some attention from his mummy! LOL
credit: 777fyr@YouTube

GeunGeun reactions while watching KBS NGs and Crying Scenes Specials~
JGS always laughing about MGY~ very supportive~ haha
credit: alwayslove2088@YouTube

JGS shaking hands with MGY (make it more longer suk, a little longer...dont let her go, ok~ keke)
credit: MeanNie29@YouTube

JGS and MGY busy talking (whisphering) with each other ^_^
credit: LungEe100@YouTube

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