Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Jang Geun Suk & Moon Geun Young are both young when they entered the showbiz.

Both of them are talented thats why they are so called New Hallyu Star in Korea.

They collaborated in 2010's Romantic Comedy Drama in Korea , Marry Me, Mary.

But are they really fated? ^^

It was the year 2004...

When Jang Geun Suk said that, 'It's so great if I had a girlfriend like Moon Geun Young"

He said that he wants to be close with Moon Geun Young coz he admired and had a crush on MGY, in short a young actor was an avid fan of a young actress who has the same age with him..

After the news came out on the internet; Jang Geun Suk whose hobby is to read articles on the internet , had saw an article about Moon Geun Young saying: "I like Brad Pitt" . Suk was shocked when he read that.

Year 2005

Suk & Geun Young met in a variety show Yashimmanman ! Which made the 'Pinky Promise' started ~

The two are both blushing when the host said that Suk had a crush on Geun Young.

(Phew.. If i were also MGY , i will blush ~keke)

Year 2006-2008

They started their friendship ~ they become close. Actually, Geun Young is on the list of Jang Geun Suk's very bestfriend including Heechul.

Year 2009

JGS guested in Ideal World Cup..

The host asked him about Moon Geun Young and him. JKS response about the news on year 2004 , .Forgot the thing ah~ he's feeling might be sad when he saw it.

On the year of 2009 also, MGY and JGS hosted at SBS Drama Awards, & KBS Drama Awards.


It was the Month of September were JGS went to MGY play 'Closer' to support her. His manager and MGY manager is also there.

News came that JGS had a new drama which is Marry Me Mary. which days goes by MGY was confirmed as his leading lady.

On October, MGY post on her CY about MMM and Jang Geun Suk saying that she will do her best.

November, JGS revealed on the presscon that he shout out loud when he hear the news that MGY will be his partner, coz he's waiting MGY for a long time, to work together, he also revealed that they had a call name to each other, when theyre talking on their phone

December, JGS & MGY won on Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards, they also in KBS Awards, sitting in one table together, and won as Best Couple on KBS Drama Awards. We can remember that JGS is pointing himself to MGY many times. :)

In my own opinion, theyre really fated, coz everything happens just the way it is supposed to happen to them.


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