Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jang Geun Suk mentioned Moon Geun Young at his fan meeting on 29 January

Someone posted an english article on Moon Geun Young's CY. the title is "Jang Geun Suk mentioned Moon Geun Young at his fan meeting on 29 january".

On 29 January, Jang Geun Suk had a fan meeting in Seoul. A fan asked who had been his favourite actress among those who worked with him. Jang answered without hesitation that Moon was his favorite actress. He said Moon has a strong will as an actress, and She has many things in common with him. He said they learned a lot from each other and found many surpring aspects from her as well. It looks like the become really good friends ^^

Moon Geun Young's baidu bar have translated it into chinese:

credit: Moon Geun Young baidu bar


  1. They look good together! i love it! i hope to see a drama with them together, again...

  2. i hope they are true couple....
    if it will happen maybe im da most happy in the whole world!

  3. yes...they truly complete each other...
    when i see I Will Promise You english translate lirik, i found that it is a very warm lirik..and I think it is what JGS trying to say to MGY, i do not know why, but i just feel that kind of thinking..when he said "Please take my hand, don’t just sit there and cry
    I will protect your every thing
    Would you like not to be left alone?
    Put my heart in your heart, cause
    I want to understand your sorrow
    I just want to pass on the warmth"
    I think he really mean it

    and of course
    I Will Promise You
    I’m able to do it because I promise you
    I will be watching you, be in front of you always
    He did that..haha <3

  4. i love ur blog..i just found it here about geungeun u too..coz make it beautiful fated blog..4 this couple x0x0^^

  5. I've seriously become an addict of this blog. Although I have seen You're Beautiful..Mary Stayed Out made me love this couple. I have seen the BTS of kiss scene between JGS and UEE and then with MGY, and he was so shy after kissing MGY. They both are..way too cute! Their chemistry is really awesome@!



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