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[PRESS NEWS] Zegda CP together with popular star Jang Geun Suk making first advertisements

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Our 2010 along with "Mary stayed out " hits in the global, Korean pop star Jang Geun suk new generation sharp surge in popularity. As the the new year brings the carnival atmosphere has not dissipated, so many fans crazy about jang geun suk who go to china,to join national new lifestyle brand with Zegda CF, set off a new fashion unstoppable storm.

It is understood that a trip to China's Jang Geun Suk 2011 is Year of the Rabbit first overseas trip, while the main purpose of his visit is to endorce the brand Zegda first new year shooting a large advertising expenditures.

Joint Jang geun suk Zegda super brand opens international stage

Zegda official Twitter for the first time after the publication of Jang geun suk airborrne released of information about China News, many eels self- organized to follow the footsteps of Idol. "Eel" is Jang Geun Suk fans on their own terms. Jang Geun Suk shot during large, eels idols come all the way. at the airport, or even in the hotel where jang geun suk stayed, advertising Studio you can see this group of eels.

Passion of eels, Jang Geun Suk , performance in a very friendlyl, try meet their demands as far as possible, which also makes the way eels to follow excited. Netizen "Jang geun suk" on SINA micro-Bo close to the people of praising idols: "(he) greetus with smiles too~~ love~~~! appreciate your kind efforts attitude of dealing with the people. "Eel constantly placed on the micro-blogging jang geun suk scene and photographs, rapidly causing Internet boom, the daily discussion of microblogging forward to nearly a thousand articles. organizer of Zegda , as well as eel offers many opportunities for close-close to Idol, Zegda filled with a good impression. New international lifestyle brand Zegda , expressed strong support for the eel. User "visarah_Jang" Zegda Zhengda Sina official Twitter message: "this ad for a large master entered the Chinese market is very important, kind temperament of the great master's healthy vitality and you select Yes, and look forward to advertising! come on!"

It is understood that the Zegda is internationally renowned for the new lifestyle brand, to create a category of chinese history and a unique style of the new fashion life style popular in China market. The end of 2010, Zegda formalized Jang geun suk 2010 -2012 in the first generation of Brand Ambassador.

Substantive cooperation as a first step the two sides, Zegda CP shooting of the large attached great importance to all executives accompanied the performance is full of praise for Jang Geun suk Zegda opens international influence. Jang geun suk ' talented magicians of life ' the image not only leads Asian film music community, his ' boomers ' style was also swept through the fashion areas of life. Jang geun suk is undoubtedly Zegda improve themselves, the original progressive, diverse experience, the best combination of fashion and lifestyle show.

Super new lifestyle brand campaign Zegda CP establish benchmark

Jang Geun Suk Zegda l can wipe out what kind of sparks new promo the content of this new commercial is wonderful, makes exception looks forward to this. According to Zegda CP sources advertise Zegda 2011 main push products CP2011 series. Filming process, Zegda has created a series of different scenarios, including nostalgic town and campus scenes in Europe. Reset works lasted one month millions of shooting scenes, emphasizing the authentic sense of space, a small town in Europe, and to join is full of light rock and dance music tone, close to the young people's experience, and released the first single of Jang geun suk refreshing themselves feel when he transformed when skateboarding players and street dance masters, field personnel are feeling incredible.

During the filming, Jang geun suk Zegda a perfectly showing a youth force, fun activity, and colorful image. Shooting an atmosphere full of laughter and cheers. Jang Geun Suk , this film is full of challenges, he must complete skateboard, street dance movements at the same time, keeping posture, facial expressions of joy and balance when jumping dance.

This large, gave strong concern to many of the media. Accompanied Zegda advertising continued to deepen, Jang Geun Suk and topics in the new lifestyle are also frequently seen in media to witness the new Kings of Asia no one can stop the popularity . In the year of the Tiger December hot TV series for KBS "Mary stayed out in global host" the Drama has been finished, Jang Geun suk will reach new heights. SGM's appearance, cool personality, singing, performing everything is all good, made him the Bae Yong Jun, rain, junki Korea star after an outstanding representative.

In addition to the high popularity with Jang Geun Suk, Zegda will also take a strong brand communication campaign, establishing a new benchmark for fashion life status in China. Zegda allegedly Zhengda large tracts of new fashion life shortly after the CCTV-5, Zhejiang TV, Hunan TV and other TV heavyweight staged, at the same time, mainstream trend fashion magazine "trend of the new times square Chi", "size" will also be synchronized is published. Zegda giant media placement fee, 2011 will no doubt be Zegda and Jang Geun suk flourished in the Chinese market for a year.

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