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Jang Geun Suk revealed "After seeing episode 15 (script), I was really conflicted. Maybe you guys don’t know, but in episode 15, Mu Gyul dies..."

Source: Sukbaidu

Translation: LizzyD

Credit: ockoala's blog + sears blog

LizzyD says:

Translation and summary (done very quickly, sorry for typos) by me. Credit to me! Heeheee Original post on baidu sukbar.

There’s a whole huge long paragraph during which he more or less repeats his previous comments - that he picked this production because he fell in love with the MG character. Now he realizes he can’t be so arrogant (about making decisions) and that besides a good character, you need to make sure it’s a good product overall (ie. script).

The part about M3:

During filming, there were lots of arguments. Arguments between actors, arguments with the station (KBS), arguments with the screenwriter and also with the director.

During filming, there were many times when I thought, “For this part, I can’t film it like this.” In this way, the actors lines were changed one by one. Of course, it’s not ideal for us to be making up our own lines; but this time, we were facing this type of problem…this kind of dialogue, we…have our own reasons. After seeing episode 15 (script), I was really conflicted. Maybe you guys don’t know, but in episode 15, Mu Gyul dies. When I saw the script, I really couldn’t accept it. I’m not saying I couldn’t play that scene, but I felt it was too….There were only 3 days left and I was still working nonstop to change the script. The actors were doing the same. During ep 16, I went with KJW Hyung to the banquet set up by the fans. Later, episode 16 was completely changed. The morning of filming, I suggested we use Mu Gyul’s car. But the station (KBS) said no. At the end, about one hour beforehand, the finally switched to using Mu Gyul’s car for filming. When we filmed it, I thought it was funny. Jung In was thrown out by his dad, where would he get the money, right?

(PS. I think he mentions this as an example of the little things he changed that people didn’t even pick up on. It’s true, if JI is tossed out on his butt, where does he have money for a car? That makes sense that they used MG’s car at the end to go to those promotional activities).

The next part is about the scene where his mom makes him the bean paste soup. I can translate it later if anyone is interested. Basically, he changed this whole scene (and sounds very proud of himself, rightfully so) because he felt that the way it was written- a mother would never talk like that (he says). So after discussing it with the director and “other seniors” (not sure who he’s referring to, but someone above the writer I’m sure), it was changed and the flashback with Mary was added and the mom’s lines were changed.

I loved this scene by the way. Sigh. I am once again very upset and sad for all of the actors, and the director as well. I am not going to respond to the writer attempting to !#!@$!@#!@ KILL HIM OFF because it’s bad for my heart and raises my blood pressure. I worship on the JSG altar, I do. (Fangirl AND real girl talking)

Next, in regards to Mu Gyul and his mom’s parts. It became a hopeless situation. (I think he means they wrote it so badly it couldn’t really be fixed). Mu Gyul seemed to become really petty and how could Mom say those kinds of words? With these questions in mind, I went and discussed with my seniors and also the director. We decided to change that woman’s (his mom) scenes and even Mary’s scenes were changed. While eating the bean paste soup, Mu Gyul thought about the bean paste soup Mary once made for him. In addition, facing this, his emotions exploded. Although his eyes filled with tears, absolutely…

Why does Mom like ice cream– a grown-up kid? Oh, an adult who’s kind of like a kid, a little like that. An immature adult? Yes, an immature adult. Let’s make a comparison between the soup made by the immature adult Mother and the soup made by Mary. Mom’s soup tastes really bad. Even though eating it is difficult, but the feelings he has for Mary, although he remembers all of it, he can’t go back to her side. That’s why he forced himself to eat the soup. Based on this (these ideas), I changed the script.

There were many other similar occasions, even though I can’t list them all here. From doing all this, I really learned a lot. Through this drama, I really learned a lot, and tried many new things. Because of this, I am not blaming anyone (translator note: don’t worry baby, we’ll do all the blaming and murdering for you!) Yes, I don’t blame anyone. I just think that the respective opinions were different. Since we all had our own ideas, at that instant and moment, because of the differing opinions, this lead to a very pitiful end product. But it’s a product all the actors worked really hard on and learned a lot from.

In a happy life, you may come to different realizations. There are lots of attacks (or setbacks) and unknowns. In truth, I learned this once again through this production of Marry Me Mary. So, I’m not going to do things the way other people want. I’m not going to just do what people have prepared for me. The reason I can’t become arrogant is because of these reasons. Actually, there are lots of things I want to say, but most likely there won’t be time to say it. There’s very little time for us to have a discussion. That’s why today, we’re having this special get-together. As we say goodbye to this TV series, I wanted to do this (have this fanmeet and talk) for everyone.

What I wanted to do created a lot of changes. In fact in ep 16, there were lots of different occasions. From Geung Young, I accepted/received a lot. KJW Hyung also listened to me say a lot. If there’s a chance in the future, take the original script for ep 16 and compare it to the one I made. It would be very interesting to see them side by side.

ANOTHER INFORMATION translated by LizzyD.

When Mary received her award and started crying and thanking people (from Cinderella’s sister), JSG jokingly pounded the table and pointed at himself to indicate she should thank him. She didn’t. This is what she said instead:(translated from Baidu Chinese translation at the Mary site):

No matter what the situation or circumstances are, when the production team and actors go through a lot of sufferings together, it improves the path of their relationship. The director works very hard in producing the drama. Lots of unexpected situations and problems occur during filming, but everyone worked very hard to make changes. I believe that by judging a drama based solely on ratings, you’re overlooking the valuable results of the suffering, sacrifices, and creativity that go into producing the drama. Although Marry Me Mary had low ratings, I think that through everyone’s hard effort, we were able to turn in a satisfactory end product. We can say without regrets: “The hard work put in by the production crew, actors, and broadcasters is worthy of recognition.”

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