Sunday, February 27, 2011

10 Things About JGS's Ideal Girl.

Im going to repost this taken to our GGC FB :)

1O Things About Jang Keun Suk's Ideal Type

1. Keun Suk likes his girl slightly ”ttong, ttong” meaning fleshy, slightly chubby ..

2. She must have big eyes

3. Be cute

4. Has a small mouth

5. Has a healthy appetite(MGY???!!)

(As he is drawing he tells the 2 women, “isn’t she pretty?”)

6. He likes long, wavy feminine hairstyle

7. Slightly demure appearance (while drawing cheeks)

8. Has a pretty neck

(He moves on to clothes, style, body. he redraws t shirt to make the chest fuller with a plunging neckline (hmmm… seems he likes that area))

9. Pale arms

10. Instead of short skirts he prefers renaissance style (pouffy, full) skirt with flowers.(MGY??? !! )


  1. mmmhhhhh...all in all he describe moon geun young..heheheheh

  2. its really moon geun young not park shin hye!! kekekeke :)



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