Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Selected Parts of Moon Geun Young Interview on Music Town

credit:SoomPi Moons
[MGY: Moon Geun Young; HEH: Hong Eun Hee]

HEH: It's time to finish Part 2 already. Aw, we didn't get to say a lot. Let's say a lot in Part 3.

MGY: Yes.

HEH: As the ending song for Part 2, MGY personally selected the song. Please introduce the song yourself.

MGY: Yes. It's Kim Kwang Suk's To Be Forgotten.

HEH: Is there a reason why you chose it?

MGY: There is.. recently my friend was going through a lot of really hard things and needed strength. I like the singer a lot and my friend likes the singer a lot too, and because I want to give that friend some strength..

HEH: Will your friend be listening?

MGY: I hope so.

HEH: Ah, okay. We'll listen to Kim Kwang Suk's To Be Forgotten and we'll return shortly in Part 3 with MGY.

Playing: To Be Forgotten by Kim Kwang Suk


HEH: Alright, now looking at your ideal type of guy.. it has changed a little.
MGY: Yes.
HEH: In 2008 July, you said you would like a person who is very understanding and who you can lean on.
HEH: And in 2010 March, you liked a rough and bad guy. What happened here? And has it changed again?
[This is referring to the Happy Together variety show when MGY chose Park Myung Soo (PMS). PMS joked with MGY and said that he's a bad guy and MGY went along with him. MGY said in a more recent interview for Marry Me, Mary that her reason for liking PMS was because he treated her very well :D ]
MGY: I think my ideal type of guy has never changed.
HEH: How?
MGY: I’ve always wanted a guy who is very understanding and who I can lean on.
HEH: I see.
MGY: And also a wise person. Yes. That has always been the same.
HEH: You can say that’s everyone’s ideal type. Is there something that you always look at MGY ssi?
MGY: That I always look at? I always look at a person’s eyes.

(JS: Hmm.. Geun Young like this?kkkkk!)

HEH: What kind of eyes do you like?
MGY: Clear eyes.
HEH: Hahaha.
MGY: I don’t know how to really explain it.. just when I look at someone’s eyes I have a feeling..
HEH: Um..
MGY: I think I can kind of tell what type of person someone is by their eyes.


  1. Thank you so much.

  2. I agree with her. I can also tell by someone's eyes ^^



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