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GeunGeun Timeline

This was the post of Quirkie at ockoala's playground. Just wanted to share it. ^^

Hello Geunies,
In the past couple of days we’ve come across some amazing revelations which seem to indicate that our lovely GeunGeun couple is indeed a real couple. In the spirit of celebration, I would like to finally come clean about how I have truly been feeling about this couple. From the start I always believed that they had something special but while doing some research based on their postings (cy, ofc) I also felt that something was off.
I am sure you’ll remember the incident when Rory’s mom dropped a bomb on us…LizzyD described it best as “Rory’s Mom whizzing by with some extra-sharp knives” :) I had expressed then that I had been holding back some other interpretations I then had about their relationship. While I believe that they deeply care for each other I also believe that they have a complicated/conflictual at times very sad relationship. I believe:
1. They dated in the past and had a breakup initiated by MGY (inference which became more plausible recently)
2. That there was either another person involved, as in MGY being attached (hence their inability to be together)… or that JGS is not as committed as we all want him to be.…
I could not bring myself to share that information yet.
Now, let me explain…In order to do so I have to go back to my original post. Thanks Bashful for referring to it earlier ;) (which also prompted me to come clean…)
I also want to say first that I am a strong believer in we are what we eat, read, listen to, wear, watch. They are all strong indicators of who we really are. If you don’t believe me look into your life right now you’ll be surprised about how much you’re saying without using words…

10/10/10 post
He feels himself more than ever, and so distressed at the moment
He told me you’re not alone. Cheer up! – Assuming MGY is talking about JGS why would they be distressed?
But, it’s really possible! I’ll do my best to work with you! – Why would it not be possible for them to work together? 1. They are hiding a relationship? 2. Working together could be uncomfortable, causing distress, why?

1/8/11 You’re my spring lyrics
I miss you, I want to embrace you.
*I want to be by your side even though it hurts.
*From the first day, you took a step back. From the first day, I thought of separation.
*Even though I wanted you, I couldn’t ignore Those hopeless and cold calculations of the world.
However careful I tried to be, However much I tried to pretend it wasn’t,
and push away I was already In love with you.
*In front of your still hesitant heart, My heart still won’t stop.
*The fear left in your heart, I will hug and embrace until you are peaceful.

* Someone listening to this song would identify with the person in the song who seems to imply that in spite of the pain she wants to be with him although he is clearly hesitating to do so because he is afraid. Could only be two explanations here. The relationship is painful because of unrequited love or because the man can’t commit.
I leaned toward the man not being able of commit because he is afraid to get hurt again. Think about the ending of M3. The couple being interviewed by MGY start to fight when the girl brings up happy endings. The man then responds that reality is very different, expresses his hesitation about marriage, and asks the woman if he is the only one she loves/ has loved, which gets her agitated. So did the woman give him cause not to trust her in the past? I hope you see where I am going with this ;) Let me spell it out just in case…JGS went through a painful break up, this can make someone very guarded when it came to love… read this carefully (thx Bashful and Rory’s Mom)

Think of me, think of me fondly When we’ve said goodbye
Remember me once in a while Please promise me, you’ll try
*Then you’ll find that once again you long To take your heart back and be free
If you’ll ever find a moment Spare a thought for me
*We never said our love was evergreen Or as unchanging as the sea
*But if you can still remember Stop and think of me
*Think of all the things We’ve shared and seen
*Don’t think about the way Things might have been
*Think of me, think of me waking Silent and resigned -see 1/14/11 post
*Imagine me trying too hard To put you from my mind
*Recall those days, look back on all those times Think of those things we’ll never do
There will never be a day When I won’t think of you
Can it be? Can it be Christine? Bravo
*Long ago, it seems so long ago How young and innocent we were
She may not remember me But I remember her
*Flowers fade, the fruits of summer fade They have their seasons, so do we
*But please promise me that sometimes You will think of me

*What if the person who broke his heart in the first place was MGY? Or the second relationship was with MGY who then broke up with him? This would explain the closeness we’ve witnessed, the excitement and apprehension to work together because the feelings are still there. However, what if MGY during M3 filming is with someone, and while she was not as infatuated with JGS as he was with her before, got caught off guard and fell harder this time thinking about old times, and JGS, even though he has feelings for her is hesitant to commit again…I know I am speculating but think about it… ;) Remember the break up scene, ep 7, SOO INTENSE!! Déjà vu for both of them?

Background Music: (Live with/ Live together) Yaksha OST
Message: *My body and heart does not easily recover
Even though I sleep, sleep, sleep, I still feel sleepy-
And during the times when I by chance am awake, I feel dazed-
*And because my heart is uneasy, my willpower declines-
But… I should quickly come around and spend each day preciously right? hihi-
For some reason.. I miss you so much and* feel empty
I think it’s because I received so so much of your love and support during the whole year

This particular message made me sad, because to me she sounded not only tired but sad/depressed, or should I say lovesick. Because of this post I checked out the drama Yaksha. Can you say sad and depressing! Let me tell you this drama is not for the weak hearted…
I know the theory was that she went to Thailand and came back tired, imho.. she didn’t and had not seen JGS for a while and missed him bad. M3 wrapped up over 2 weeks ago and she is still sleepy, feels empty, and misses her fans’ love??? What, her family can’t give her enough love? She misses the set where JGS was…imho I think she updating her BGM because she is thinking about him since he has now returned.

Background Music:
The merry-go-around of Life by Joe Hisaishi from Japanese anime film “Howl’s moving castle”
the Sixth Station by Joe Hisaishi from Japanese anime film “Spirited Away”
MGY’s Message: “do not want to open up my eyes”

Here I got curious about the animes because for the OST to be on her playlist they had to have been memorable.
What do you, the major themes of Spirited Away center on the protagonist Chihiro who is completely separated from everything she has known and must find her way back to reality. Chihiro’s experience in the alternate world represents her passage from childhood to adulthood. In her transition between child and adult, Chihiro stands outside these societal boundaries. In her attempt to regain herself, her “continuity with her past,” Chihiro must forge a new identity. Spirited Away also contains critical commentary on modern society about generational conflicts, the struggle with dissolving traditional culture and customs within a global society, and environmental pollution.
One of the theme is “Howl’s moving Castle” is the love between Howl and Sophie. Sophie is a young lady turned old a curse which turns out to be a blessing because Sophie has an old soul just like MGY. Can’t help but notice the similarities in the anime and M3. Howl falls in love with Sophie early in the film, after seeing her in her
natural state while asleep, and admiring her spirit when she is awake. (MG watching MR sleeps, JGS loving MGY spirit on the set) Another character, Calcifer is a shooting star Howl swallowed to keep him from dying, giving him his own heart. Howl’s fate is that he must safeguard Calcifer or he will die himself. Essentially, they are the same being. Sophie, because she loves them and will do whatever she can to keep both of them alive has the task to separate the star from the man (notice any similarities, JGS, the star and JGS the man) and she is able to do so. However, an aspect to consider is that Howl might not be able to mature or really love without his heart. In
the movie, though, Howl reaches out to Sophie many times before the end, as if getting his heart back and attaining the ability to commit to a single person instead of “stealing girls hearts” as he is reputed to do.
Sorry for posting the above paragraphs, you probably find them irrelevant but I have a point..;) It all links back to:
1. MGY transitioning from childhood to adulthood. This anime was made in 2001, she was 13 then, therefore listening to this now speaks to where her mind is now. Her speech/behavior during the KBS awards showed that she is willing to challenge the status quo: speaking her mind/ defending JGS/ PDA. Even her music selection in January expresses her views on the environment .
Also, Radio interview 2/17/11 Q2:what’s the harder nickname? MGY: nation’s younger sister. The March Baazar mag issue shows that as well.
2. MG/JGS commitment issues. Iike ZZ post where she pointed out M3 Ep.10 when MG said: “Mae-Ri-ah, I’ll never look at other girls and my love will be only for you, as long as I like you.”
3. JGS the man/the star and how it might affect his relationships.
MGY stated that she does not want to open her eyes because maybe she going through a transitional period in her life in regards to her personal/ professional/ academic choices.
JGS wrote a message the title is “Love Begins” but then says he is kidding…He is finally making his mind?

Background Music: Beethoven Virus OST
MGY’s message: If we have the same dream in mind, then eventually, the dream will come true. Hopefully, more and more people with same dream. “For the story in reality ….. how shall we know?”
The story is reality is still uncertain…maybe?
JGS’ “soulmate” comment

Background Music: Indie Bands
Message: “Looking back, looking back, back to hope”
There might be hope for the dream to come true and get back what they had in the past? Looks hopeful right?!
Code Combine photoshoot, JGS jokes around about wanting the address of the female model little sister…I know that would upset me if I heard that…
Background Music: MGY updated her BGM cyworld for 4 times. first, Ra.D song, second Roy Orbison songs, third yeahwon shin song. and the fourth time, finally she changed to Indie songs.
Message: “Suddenly i wanna say sorry, if i make worry you…i just feel a little upset…And soon i’ll be fine. Hi ”
Message 2: I am fine

I think that MGY realized that her undecisiveness to select a BGM betrayed her state of mind, so she apologizes to her fans. During that period she announces that she will return to school and act as well. Did an incident prompt the change? I think MGY and JGS met before he left for Japan. Read below and tell me if you see what I see…

MGY likes Roy Orbison’s songs but she recently started listening to them again (according to a soompi forum member who seems to know MGY’s taste well. Don’t want to post her name but if you look for it you’ll find it).

1. Ra.D “ Give me a little bit” I think the title is self-explanatory…
2. Falling – Roy Orbison
I’m falling, I’m falling Falling in love with you Baby, Come closer closer to me, And listen listen so carefully
Remember all the nights that I told you I loved you It wasn’t true, I used you
And you were just someone new To thrill this lonely heart of mine
I was lying all the time Pretending to be falling in love with But it’s different now, I’ve kissed you now
*So forgive me forgive me somehow Hold me tight for tonight, Then tell me truth
*If you still love me, Say that you love me Don’t leave me now Now that I’m falling for you
* The person in the song is asking for forgiveness for not being true to their relationship in the past.

2 Sentimental – Roy Orbison
I get so ooh sentimental Darling when it comes to you,
I’m just too ooh sentimental And its breaking my heart in two.
*I said a-hey,hey now at the end of the day now, I get carried away now thinking of you,ooh
*How you looked that night, you kissed goodbye just right, then turned away and i miss you night and day.
Hey,a-hey, hey now, at the end of the day now, I get carried away now, thinking of you, ooh
*who holds you tight?, I wonder where you are, are you alright for you know, i still love you,
But I’m just so sentimental, Baby because of you, Yes I’m just too sentimental and it’s,breaking my heart in two…

3 Crying – Roy Orbison
*I was all right for a while, I could smile for a while
*But I saw you last night, you held my hand so tight
As you stopped to say “Hello” Ah you wished me well, you couldn’t tell
That I’d been crying over you, crying over you
Then you said “so long” left me standing all alone
Alone and crying, crying, crying, crying
It’s hard to understand but the touch of your hand Can start me crying
*I thought that I was over you but it’s true, oo so true
*I love you even more than I did before but darling what can I do For you don’t love me and I’ll always be
*Crying over you, crying over you Yes, now you’re gone and from this moment on I’ll be crying

Roy Orbison explained how he came to write this song: “I was dating a girl and we broke up. I went to the barber shop to get a haircut and I looked across the street and there was this girl that I had split up with. I wanted to go over and say, ‘Let’s forget about what happened and carry on’. But I was stubborn. So I got in the car and drove down the street about two blocks and said to myself, ‘Boy, you really made a mistake. You didn’t play that right at all.’ It certainly brought tears to my eyes and that’s how I came up with ‘Crying’.”

Most of Roy Orbison’s songs made in the 60s are about his wife, who he divorced, then reconcile with.

2/8/ 11
Message:”In the moonlight i once dreamed of you”
Message: “Day by Day” – One day @ the time?
The first message reminds me of ep 9, when they are on the bridge and WR said she always wanted to bring her 1st boyfriend there, implying she had been dreaming about a boyfriend in the moonlight @ that bridge. Technically if JGS and MGY go public this would be MGY first official relationship. The past tense in the sentence suggests that she now has a boyfriend.
Osaka LH
Tweet: ia JKSSeOULsisters – During today’s LH~ When Suk said abt his Photobk, he looks lonely & dismay, coz it will be a souvenir for us & himself. Is a Secret.. Shh~
This tweet was confusing to me. Why would he be sad about traveling unless he is leaving someone behind?
Didn’t MGY recently said that her goal isn’t to graduate this year anymore…not long after JGS expressed sadness about going overseas for his book…She’d like to have some personal time, so she might not in school in March? Isn’t that when JGS is traveling?…(see radio interview 2/17/11)

Background was the “In the moonlight, I once dreamed of you”
BGM Selection (update 1)
Message: Plans are big- reality is poor- however… do not be discouraged!
Message 2: Tomorrow is gonna be alright.
Message 3: Slowly, you are the one/ Slowly there is one.

I am sure you’ve all read what though happened on the 13th…I had so much fun CSIng ;) .
The 1st message suggests that JGS did not make it back, or when he arrived in Seoul they did not have much of Valentine Day. IF he arrived around 10P and had to leave early, there was not much time. Don’t be discouraged we will make it up. Second message, MGY is def supporting her man/ man to be. She is making a conscious choice to claim JGS as the one for all to know?

MGY dedicated a song to a special friend. They are slowly coming out ;)

Messages: “Did I… do well? keuk- I will miss you. Really”.
“I love you” “Loyalty!!”
In M3 WR was loyal to her father and her fake husband but not to MG, not until the end…I’ll rest my case by quoting Oscar Wilde, who held in his 1889 essay The Decay of Lying that “Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life”.
The link made me think about WM (posted on 2/15/11)

Background Music
1 Really Fortunate to Have Met You – Aoyama Teruma

Now that the time passed by I can say it from my heart “I’m certainly happy that I met you”
On a lonely night you were by my side Feelings that I can’t put into words, you understood them
Saying nothing, I’m just crying Whenever I told you my true feelings you were always by my side right?
*I didn’t say a proper goodbye Ah, without answering your love I ran away I’m sorry
Now that time has passed I can say it from my heart “I’m certainly happy that I met you”
*you reflected the painful night beautiful I carefully embraced the Vulnerable you
*You didn’t show me any passion, but you just didn’t have any self confidence
I’ve always pretended to not notice your unsettled feelings
That the dream your running after may come true. somewhere secretly, I will be praying for your sake
just like the shining stars in the far away sky that you may stay like you are now, forever, without changing
*I didn’t say a proper goodbye Ah I was afraid and I didn’t believe your love
*Now that time has passed I can say it from my heart “I’m certainly happy that I met you”
*We had the most beautiful love in the world, hadn’t we?

2 Two People – Shibata Jun (thx Jessi!)

It would melt if you held it You gave me a heart of love
Something that shows when we hold hands Something gentle that I pour
*The two of us could stay together I pray, god grant us a heart to connect us
With you I don’t feel lonely even when I’m by myself I feel like I can do anything, I feel I can be stronger
*Why do I want you so much yet feel like it’s not enough ? I don’t think the two of us can ever be apart again
I can’t reach no matter how far I stretch I could grab it if you were here
Something was born when we smiled at each other Something important that can’t be seen in a mirror
*The two of us want to stay together I pray, god grant us a heart that we can fill
*I didn’t think endless emotions existed Never thought I’d fall this deeply in love
*But why is it just painful even though you’re near me ? I don’t think two of us can ever be apart again, don’t u ?
I think the message in the music is changing from pain/hurt/desperation to reflection/acceptance/ hope for a better future. That’s why I NOW BELIEVE THAT THEY ARE TOGETHER!! Hope the music she listens too will continue to be less sad and confirm my belief. Thank you for patiently reading crazy theory ;)


  1. what a good analysis... now u made me want to think they are real even more :)
    thanks for sharing

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this couple!
    i Love Geun Geun

  3. i wish thay are real couple love geun geun forever

  4. To all loser fans/anti fans of geungeun ;
    why are you keep coming here? hah!
    You're not welcome here. And why are you over reacting? coz you cant believe? hah!
    wth. so petty fans like you..

    Well go to ur own place.
    Its geungeun place, not to all anti's.

    they keep coming here becoz they are JEALOUS of our couple.
    AWWW! Poor people. I pity you. :P :P :P
    If you don't have any GOOD to say just shaddup! :)
    Don't be jealous.

    You are JUST JEALOUS because your COUPLE ( WHATEVER IS IT.) will never happen. aww! </3

  6. I'm vry fond of this couple too... & I've watch M3 tens times & still now bcoz MGY. I've followed almost all the issues either. But (no effense) I hv my own conclusion either. & that is :
    I think JGS hv a long time and hard crush over MGY & still did when they filming M3. As for MGY, since long ago she did hv a little feeling towards him but growing bigger after filming M3.
    That's it! Now JGS' feeling turn slowly subside (bcoz he is a playful boy, when he thinks he get the girl under his wand he'll satisfy & leave. bcoz that's all he wants, for all girl going crazy over him). & Now when he already get her falling so deep (bcoz I realy think that MGY is realy falling hard for him now, & he knows that alright!) he is satisfied enough and go on with his life. That's seems to happen to PYH as well. That's why I cant help to think as such, & I really pity MGY (bcoz I'm a big fan of MGY & I really dont want her to get hurt over whoever boys). Sorry, I hv this dissapoint feeling to JGS; esp that after so many messages & hints from MGY, he didnt give any respons/hints/messages back, excpt for that "love begin" thing, which (in my opinion) is a poorer thing bcoz he added "just kidding" which seems like he just playing around to catch & then let go... I'm beginning to really feel so sorry for my MGY... Please...MGY, U R way better than that, U only deserve the best.... so dont get hurt, if it turns out to be he is not into U, than he is the looser, coz U R so much better....

  7. geunGeun coUple is tHe bEst..!! love love love..! <3

  8. my thought :

    1. their first love are they each other
    2. they used to going steady when they were teenager but they'd break-up because of busy in E-Business
    3. JGS love some other girl after MGY. MGY never replace JGS's place with any other man but she just keep it for herself
    4. LATELY they're realized they couldn't live without each other
    5. they never announce their LOVE relationship until their marriage (like other couple which we never knew they are love couple suddenly announce marriage) hehehee

  9. Like your thought, but hope this senario come to a reality now! I am getting so restless.

  10. i AGREE :) ANTiFANS your not welcome here. Only GeunGeun Fans are allowed. HAHa! BACK OFF. xD

    DESTiNY Moon Geun Suk :)))))

  11. i adore this couple. i've liked them when they were child actors and all the more when they became adult actors. though i am from Canada, i love following any story about these two. they are both very good actors and my romantic side hopes that they will be real partners in life!

    ...and if some people don't like them to be together, you should not post here. this is a place for GeunGeun couple so learn to respect this space...God bless you!

  12. OMG,who are you?post this here............
    Suk is a good man and treats his gf seriously...
    Never like you said.....

  13. To all antis,

    You can say whatever you want at your OWN PLACE, not here. This is a place for KeunGeun couple shippers. We love and will always support them no matter what you said. Please pay a little respect to the administrator here as it clearly stated this places as "Fated Couple: GeunGeun Timeline",If you don't know how to respect others, at least you can read.

    And to the one who claimed youself as MGY's fan who think Suk is a playboy, maybe you should go read some of his interviews and his info. He has two relationships in the past, one for 3 years and one for 4 years. If he is a playboy like you said, i don't think his relationship would last that long. Please don't start criticized someone just based on your own thoughts and assumption. I think that's truly unfair and pathetic.
    And you stated you read all MGY's messages on her CY World and JGS didn't even bother to respond, I wonder if you really check Suk's messages on his websites(both korean and japanese). If you don't then I can tell you, his messages is heart touching and warm regardless if the message is to his eels or indirectly to MGY. But there's one thing I am glad that you said you noticed MGY wrote some indirect messages to JGS. YESH!!!!!!!!! she did and so did him. So, be supportive to MGY if she really choose the one she loves as her fan.

  14. To begin with,I started watching Korean dramas just recently when I caught sight of a Korean film which really/absolutely captured my attention.The film was subtitled in English so I watched it.In the film was a cute girl(barely a woman) rehearsing a dance with an adult man.I was really impressed with how the girl and the man dance. They make a cute pair.I've seen another Korean film the following day with the same lead actress.This time I became curious with her I wanted to know more about her as much as I wanted to see more of her in movies.Then I started searching for her in YT.And that's where I found MMM.I deeply fell in love with this drama of MGY.I've seen it like 4 times already and still keep on re-watching it.I've also liked JGS and started searching for dramas and films he had been into.The funny thing is:I watched almost all of Geun Young's dramas and films;but I don't want to watch JGS's because he has different partners.Apparently,I've seen only one of Geun Suk's dramas,that is Mary Me,Mary with MGY.I'm now a huge fan of Moon Geun Young and Jang Geun Suk.I love this couple so much that I think I've read all articles about them and have seen all video clips of them;but still I want to see more.I wish they would really end up together.
    By the way,You're analysis of them was great! You're an amazing writer.Thanks for the articles translated in English.Sometimes I feel like I'm crazy watching video clips in Korean language even though I don't understand anything.I just wanna seem them together.I'm looking forward to reading more of your articles and seeing more of your videos of this wonderful couple.I absolutely had fun reading this.Thanks again! TC!

  15. yup..i'm totally agree wif u..MGY n JGS forever!!fighting!!

    1. Sometime i feel tired of waiting. JGS seem so many women running after him. Always be nice to his co-star. And always say something very nice about his leading lady in any interview. Always act nice in the BTS in whatever drama/film he act. I am MGY fan. I worried if she hurt.



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