Tuesday, February 8, 2011

[Cyworld] Moon Geun Young Story Room Recent Update

Jan 14, 2011.

It's been a really long time that I leave a message.

Maybe it's because there were many things like this and that that happened last year...

My body and heart does not easily recover^^;;

Even though I sleep, sleep, sleep, I still feel sleepy-

And during the times when I by chance am awake, I feel dazed-

And because my heart is uneasy, my willpower declines-

But... I should quickly come around and spend each day preciously right? hihi-

Are you all doing well? euheuheu-

Do you miss me a little? puha-

The truth is I miss you more...

For some reason.. I miss you so much and feel empty^^;;;

I think it's because I received so so much of your love and support during the whole year^^

Eun-Jo, Alice, and Mary...

Although I was *lacking a lot, thank you very very much for always supporting me, watching over me, and loving me.

The truth is there were many times when I wanted to tell you each moment, in detail that I was thankful...

But because I missed the timing like this-

My heart full of just thankfulness has accumulated so much like a snowball.

Really my heart is filled with thanks packed tightly tightly together.

Thanks... this one word that is not enough to convey...

Really, thank you very very much.

Everything... is so happy that I could cry I'm thankful!

(* Humble and modest Moon. hihi, euheuheu, and puha are onomatopoeias - words that imitate the sounds that it describes. hihi is pronounced heehee.)

credit: Soompi Moons


Feb. 7 2011

(She Just said.....)

"Im Fine"

credit: MSOAN FB + Moon Geun Young Soompi

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