Tuesday, February 22, 2011

When they were young..

This couple made me so addicted. It was my first time to be addicted with an adorable couple like them. I can say that i already have a geungeun virus. And im now also an investigator of Jang Geun Suk & Moon Geun Young. Haha.

Anyway i want to share you some of their pics when they were young.. Theyre totally cute ah ^^

When Suk was young..
Geun Young was really photogenic since young. kkkk!

Sukkie & Hyun Bin ^^
Geun Young & Kim Hye Song


  1. wow.... that's cute, it takes time to collect all those photos where they're still so young.. please share more photos if you had...

  2. Wow! Thank goodness! I thought I am the only one getting affected by the GeunGeun Virus! This is very serious for me and I think I will only get cured when, not if, they get married!!!! I hope they hurry up so that I will feel better...this is consuming a lot of my time checking on them all the time.

  3. Hi hi ^-^
    really thanks alot to everyone in tis team tat contributed to such a great job on tis blog. I also became very very addicted to j g s and m g y after watching the show Mary stayed out all night on youtube. really glad tat I got to see tis show and also found tis blog providin great news ! Love you all lots ! Keep up the good work kk! You rocks! ^-^ ~ your daily reader -y h

  4. Can't hardly wait till they are a couple and start producing babies.... the babies will surely looks so beautiful!!!!



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