Thursday, February 17, 2011

[Summary]Moon Geun Young on Hong Eun Hee's Music Town

-They played 2NE1 Song 'Go Away' . Moon Geun Young is a fan of 2NE1.

-Played the song of Lena Park 'Moon'

-They also played Park Jung Hyun's song ' Star'

-Now heard, Moon Geun Young's voice. She said she's nervous,coz its her first time in radio.

-She talked about her projects last year..The whether is really cold, she said she dont like the cold.


-They played MGY's 'the sound of the wind' song

MGY feels shy to listen to her own songs..

-Talks about her debut,career..dancing hobby,,and said that she gained weight.

-Talks about her ideal guy.She said she first look at the eyes of a guy. If she likes it, it was her ideal man.

-MGY choose a song of kim kwang suk. She said she dedicate that song to someone who is very close to her, whose been having a hard time lately. Since her friend likes this singer, and she also likes this singer kim kwang suk.

-They're talking about her male co-stars. Jang Keun Suk, Kim Jae Wook, etc..

-Taecyeon's(co star in Cinderella's Sister) is on the phone.

-She didnt know who was on the phone..She was surprised that Taecyeon called her.

-Taecyeon said 'Noona Saranghae!" & "Noona Annyong"


Q1: Do you cry often?

MGY:Yes..coz im sensitive.She also added that she enjoy being sad.

-talking about if she made any mistakes during Closer...She says she made many...

-She said that she reciived cholocates from her manager on Valentine's Day. She gave her grandma chocolates too.

hong eun hee said that gy's grandma is very special to geunyoung

and that they''ll talk about gy's grandma soon after the song..

-MGY choose a song again Kim Dong Ryul's "Ee Jae Suh Ya"

She said she likes his voice and feelings and likes all of his songs.

that she's a fan.

Q2:what's the harder nickname?

MGY:nation's younger sister

dong-an (look young for your age)

Q: How does it feel like to go back to school with 92ers? lol

she said her younger sister is born in 1992

she said that her goal isn't to graduate this year...

that she'd like to have some personal time and maybe work also

They're talking about her drinking & how awkward it was when shooting the Basic House pics with Won Bin

Q: Well-mannered mgy, what can you not tolerate?

MGY:elementary school 5th grader's q's lol

Q: How do u tell a guy that u like him?

MGY: If i like someone i can't tell her feelings

and doesn't try to show her feelings

she said she has some things in common with her characters but that there's also different things

Q: Although we're the same age, how come it feels like we're so different? How did you become so mature for your age?

hong eun hee says that it's likely because of your jin-jee sincere personality

-They're talking about her vacation with her grandma

she said she and her grandma have a very strong relationship

that she lives together with her grandma

and her parents live in gwang ju

that she goes on vacations with her grandma

hong eun hee said that

to geun young, her grandma is more closer than a guy would be

MGY is crying!!She leaves a message to her grandma.

MGY's selected song: Grandma's Dream

MGY says she wants to say thank you to her fans

she mentioned that her fans say that

it feels like she is going to the army (goon-dae) when she goes back to school lol


epik high- paris (ft. ji sun)

Taken from:Soompi Moons



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