Friday, February 18, 2011

[2011.02.18]Moon Geun Young Updated Her Cyworld

Her Message..
BGM Update.

Song Title / Artist
1 Really Fortunate to Have Met You (あなたに会えてよかった / 당신과 만나서 정말 다행이야) - Aoyama Teruma (青山テルマ / 아오야마 테루마) link
2 Two People (두사람) - Shibata Jun (시바타 준)

MGY Message..
저... 잘했어요? 큭- 보고싶을거에요. 정말.
Did I... do well? keuk- I will miss you. Really.

Translated by:Soompi Moons

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  1. I'm wondering if this messages for JGS??? Very suspicious...



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