Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Moon Geun Young Update her Cyworld

This morning our Princess Moon updated her cyworld.
(Suk also updated his JP website..It contains 3 message regarding the incident on his Lounge H.The part where some of the eels went mad when a jp eel said he was high and his pant slipped and they saw his... **** Suk explained that his pant is a girl size and is hard to pull it up to the waist. Also he show a picture of his back, is now covered by patches. I think he is really in pain. According to NinjaMickey)
A pic from Suk Bar.

Her msg on main page: Tomorrow is gonna be alright. (Well.. Geun Young are you trying to comfort Suk? ^^)

She also updated her BGM as usual :)

On her BGM she include a message ,
"A plan is a bit exaggerated, the reality comes to up and down, but dont be frustrated or defeated!"
Another msg of MGY on her BGM ,
"Slowly..Youre only the one"

(Translated by:MGY_IntFansite Twitter)

MGY's song list:
1. 화요일 의 실루엣 (Tuesday's silhouette)-Misty Blue
2.Tabula Rasa-푸른 새벽 (Bluedown)

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