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[Fan Account] MMM Event Tokyo 180811

Part 1: The MMM FM at daytime

The light darken, with JKS’s protective guard, MGY walked down the steps slowly, hand in hand with JKS. MGY was pretty cute.
Then the other 3 people were up, said hello to the audiences in Japanese.
MGY: I am MGY,very happy to be here.
Then the MC from TBS asked questions to MGY:
Q: After you entering the entertainment industry, it’s your first time to act in a romantic comedy, how to you feel?
A:I gained a lot from all aspects. It’s happy to join this drama, I like it very much, and also it’s my honor to cooperated with all the actors in MMM.
Then all the present actors promised that they will try their best to thank for the support of all the people.
Next was the blessing VTR of Kim Jae Wook who is now serving the army, and the band members.
JKS sang the theme songs Please, my bus and hello, hello. Keunsuk sang better and better now!
Coming next was re-play the scene of Mary and Mary aba being chasing because of running into debt. All the house furniture was taken away. They used Japanese when acting, Japanese fans said it’s not easy to play in Japanese.
After that, Kim Hyo-Jin sang the song My precious.
Now came the love scene of Mugyul and Mary, both of them had extremely good facial expressions.
Then Mugyul oma show up, she sang the theme song of MMM.
The Q&A part, many chairs were put on the stage.
When Moon was going to sit on the chair, Suk supported her with his hands to help her to sit down.
Oma seeing this, joking that “me too, me too”(I also need your help, LOL~) All the people laughed out.
Q: What is your favorite scene?
Suk: The kiss scene.
Moon: The “mong mong”and “miao miao”talk at the first date.
Audiences: Ah!
Q: suppose that you are the playwright, how will you write the ending?
A: Mugyul and Mary should have a happy and formal wedding!
Q: The color of Mary’s car when they first met?
A: all people answered “red”, which is the right answer.
Q: When Mugyul and Mary making the kimchi together, what is the color of their gloves?
Moon answered red, and the rest answered pink, but the right answer was orange.
Q: When Mugyul composed the song, what he draw when he could not figure out the lyric?
Moon: A cat.
After answered all the questions, Moon asked what reward she would get if she answer all the questions right. (so cute.)
Mugyul oma revealed that when shooting MMM, the kimchi Moon made was really delicious, that’s why there was the scene of Mugyul and Mary fed each other.
Moon became shy and said, “It’s just so-so.”then Suk gently embraced Moon. (Japanese fans: ah, it’s so shy)
When the MC asked the others’s view of Moon, Mary aba said, “She is very cute, whoever see her will want to work with her. She is a cute and kind-hearted girl from the inner heart. No matter what she does, she works very hard, she has the specialty to be the most excellent actress and she will be the best actress of Korea! ”
Q: How do MGY think of Mary aba?
Moon: He is a joyful and nice man, I feel as if I am his real daughter, which make my father envy very much.
Then Moon sang the song “Super star”(really hope that the DVD will be released, eager to collect this performance.)
Suk sang the Japanese version of “I will promise you”, in fact, suk almost used Japanese during the whole FM.
Then fine people read the lines in MMM in Japanese.
The line Moon read was the part she present how she met and fell in love with Mugyul: “Love begins as a traffic accident…”
Then suk and moon played the scene of them sitting in front of the slide in the park. Suk and Moon sat together, beside to each other, and Suk put his hand on Moon’s knee, hold Moon’s hand with his both hands.
He sang “My Precious”. During his singing, he hold Moon’s hand all the time, whenever they look into each other’s eyes, it looks great. When in the space of song, Suk whispered to Moon, and Moon lowered her head shyly. (so romantic!)
At the end of the song, Suk said “You are my Precious”to Moon, it seemed that Moon’s face blushed a little and Suk looked a bit moved, which made the eels very envious.
At the end they extended their greeting to all the audience, Moon wished all the audiences have a happy memory.
Then the “mong mong miao miao ” couple said goodbye to the audience by saying “mong mong”and“miao miao ”.

Part 2: The MMM FM at night

Q: which scene do you want to delete if you can?
Moon: No.
Suk: The scene my mom kisses me.
Mugyul oma: there was no this scene in the script, but after discussing with the staffs, I decide to act like that. (lol)
Q: Have you have any fated encounter by far? What kind of fate it is?
Suk: Now it’s fated. (all people cheered)
Moon: Not yet by far. I wish I can encounter the fated person, the kind of person—ah, it’s he!
Suk said in Japanese: Am I not your fated person?
Moon: Is it? ( in Korea)
Suk: Ah!
Then Suk and Moon looked into each other, Moon pat on Suk’s shoulder, asked Suk: “Are you OK?(In Japanese)”
Suk: I am not ok. (In Japanese) (they really have very good relation!)

Q&A about the drama...

Q: How many candles been lighted on cake when divorced party?
Moon: Ten ? And look around but no one is confident to give her the answer
A: Five

Q: What's been hanged nearby the window by Mary's dad?
Moon: Family's photo (?) Why I feel I did not know the correct answer at all?
Others are all have no idea about the question
A: A due bill

Q: What's the destination showed on the flight ticket Mary's dad gave to MuGyo
in private ?
Moon: Japan. This answer is responsed directly from the memory
Suk: USA
A: Japan

At this moment, Suk said he will make a plan to be a volunteer to Sendai this
year from his heart.

Mary's dad talk about MGY during the performance: A hard working actress.
Being a young actress, I still can learn much more from her. So please cherish
such a good actress like her !!

(Blogger: Mary's dad really love her and cherish her )

(Japan fans: The difference between day scene and night scene will be the
audiences response to the performer more direct. MGY looks well and not feel
nervous after day scene. Look forward to the Osaka performance coming soon


Translation: Japanese to Chinese: Totoro
Chinese to English: Sasa & Phyllis

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