Sunday, August 28, 2011

Moon Geun Young's Fashion Selected as the Best by 'Style Show Feel'

While looking for the best star's fashion, Moon Geun Young was chosen as the best dresser for her bohemian style by 'Style Show Feel'.

Mae Ri's bohemian style cannot match as lovably as it does on Geun Young. Among the stars who came to the VIP screening of the movie 'Arrow, the Ultimate Weapon', Moon Geun Young bravely paired her outfit with a slounge (sportswear & loungewear) sandal by Freddy. Because it made her own style stand out, she was selected as the best dresser.

source: Freddy Korea, Slounge Korea
translation: Soompi Moons문근영


  1. tho it is so simple she looks good and sweet.
    still as pretty in a simple dress.

  2. hello guys, think they hv a actress for the drama love rain - u to baidu i saw the picture of the actress but unfort dun know her name and moreover in mandarin i just dun understand can some pls go check it out quite a long msg pls then translate to us . tku.



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