Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More updates from Osaka FM

Geun Young cried during the show, Suk wiped her tears away, also patted her head while interlude. Different clothes today from Tokyo show, Suk wore kansai style (leopard & golden trouser, ah~ he's really thin!
cr: neineilove weibo
translation: estefantong

Suk and Moon were holding hands and gazed into each other while Suk sang My Precious ♥
Moon cried...Suk wiped her tears softly with his fingers and touch her head to comfort her ♥ ♥ ♥
cr: u-mama715

The evening show Moon didn't cry, but that scene was very sweet, I really wish I were her...Suk held her hand...very tight...very tender.... ♥ ♥ ♥
cr: GraceCri weibo

MGY treats JGS with due respect, she is really feminine and cute.

translated by MikiMouse
cr. kazuibo blog

From #MMM Osaka Night Event

During the encore, JGS was shuffle dancing and the cast all came out holding hands.

translated by MikiMouse fr AKP
cr. kazuibu blog

From #MMM Osaka Night Event

As they were leaving the stage, Moon who was the last to leave, a shout out from the audience..a lot of people shouted “Moon”!

translated by MikiMouse from AKP
cr. kazuibo blog

From #MMM Osaka Night Event:
Near the end, JGS pulled off a silver tape that was sticking on Moon’s neck.
JGS is so sweet.

translated by MikiMouse fr AKP
cr. kazuibo blog

there was a Japanese eel who went to MMM show in Osaka:
Suk's girlfriend's name is eel (lol). Suk said to GeunYoung "You are a eel, right?" ♥
Look forward to TV broadcast.
cr: @ahymner


Today is the MMM show. Actors have spoken in Kansai accent. (to show more affinity to Osaka audiences)

For example, Moon said "I really like", "truly thankful" in that accent. It was so cute!

Later on, all people applaused for noona Kim's wedding news and Bday congratulations to Jang appa.

The final scene from MMM drama (means ep.15) reappealed on the show. (The scene Mary shouted "sorry Mu Gyul!" on the mountain, mention below) Moon's emotion exploded and bursted into tears.

From the Mu Gyul's line: stop it! Even I have tolerated the fake singing! (not singing in live, instead of live band sound)

From that moment, the emotion Mary had was up, saying "I'm so sorry... Mu Gyul..." and she started crying, with real tears.

Afterward, Mu Gyul and Mary walked to the slide on the park, they were hand in hand, and Suk sang My Precious. In this moment Moon still couldn't stop crying.

Suk tenderly wiped her tears away, and gently pat her head in the interlude of the song.

With the stunning acting of Moon, many people tweeted and written in blogs like"I was very touched!", "I cried as well!", "Moon truly is a amazing actress!!!"

Needless to say, many people comment "Moon's very cute!!" Looks like everyone became Moon's big fan?! (smile)

to be continued...

cr. Kotaro Sakura blog

translated by Estefan Tong


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