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[Fan account]Marry Me Mary FM in Japan

The GeunGeun bits:

Before the Q&A session started and the casts were taking their seats, Sukkie pulled a chair for Moonie. When Mama Mugyul saw him do that to Moon, she said “Me too” to Sukkie (laughs)

A couple of Q&A questions:
[Favourite scene?]
Suk: Kiss scene
Moon: The first time Mary and Mugyul met, and the “Mong mong, nyau!” scene
- the audience then asked the Geuns to say the “Mong mong, nyau!” lines to each other, and they did! They were both so cute.

[If you were the scriptwriter, how would you write the ending?]
Moon: Until the end, Mary and Mugyul’s (relationship) had a comedic feel to it. I would want them to be happy and have a real wedding

Mama Mugyul revealed, “During filming, Geun Young had eaten some kimchi and it tasted really good. So she and Geun Suk then fed each other the kimchi”. To that, Sukkie replied “That’s because we’re close” and lightly embraced Moonie. Kyaa–!

In front of the playground slide prop on the stage, Mary and Mugyul sat on chairs and he started singing My Precious. At this time, he had his hand on her lap!!! Moonie grasped his hand on her lap with both hands. Their hands were always clasped throughout, gazing into each others’ eyes, their expressions had great feelings. During the bridge of the song, Sukkie whispered something into Moonie’s ear and she nodded…it was very romantic.

Even when Sukkie said the last line “My precious…” at the very end of the song, he was looking at Moonie so fixedly that it felt as if those words were directed to her. There were mixed and envious cheers from the Eels.

(At the end of the show) the Geuns shouted “Mong mong!” to the audience and the audience replied “Nyau!”

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Credit: カズイブ
Translation: Hachimitsu


  1. waaaaaahhhhhh!!!! *dies*

  2. admit it geuns... :)

  3. so jealous..hehehe..but in a good way...i would love to know that they are together...i have a strong feeling that there is something going on between's not just for the something!!..jean

  4. Their sweetness towards each other can't be fake!!

  5. wow..diz is so romantic..their chemistry is awesome..even though mmm was ended so long but still i can see d chemistry dat i saw while they still filming mmm..they are so sweet,cute n adorable..they both are cute too n no one can deny dat..they make such a perfect couple..i hope i can see them together again on screen..luv d way they put on their acting..i can feel it n i think d lovey dovey acting dat they make in mmm is what all people dream too..i hope i can be like them too..very sweet!!

  6. whatever they say bad things bout diz couple..i dun mind at all..coz i trust my self..everyone can see dat n know how to judge whether they real or not..n i believe here they hav d perfect chemistry n i juz luv their chemistry..

  7. aw come on dont be so jealous of them - u never know that they r real cos do u remember jgs did said that he wl not reveal his gf unless till they get married . so pls let them hv their ways of loving each other. n like u said they putting a show. cant show too much feelings man.
    Another thing that i dont understand is y did mgy said fate is not yet for her when during the presscon she said she belv in fate . so can someone explain pls. I really love both of them to be together for real too. am one of their fans . pls mgy say yes to jgs cant wait for both of u to act together again.

  8. Whoever says they have no chemistry? Watch the BTS in Youtube and you can see that these 2 are very close. My fave BTS is the "kiss scene" wherein after they both covered their eyes. Next is the "prayer ceremony scene". When Moon was acting cutesy for Kim Jae Wook's camera and Geun Suk interfered and showed her his phone. He kept a pic of them during the press conference wherein Geun Young seems to kiss him. I think he really likes her! :)

  9. Look u t by envious of our MGY. Come I wud say that is by pretty but dint forget she got a kind heart . It's more impt to hv inner beauty than outer beauty also to the eyes of jgs, MGY is only the girl that he likes n also beauty is the eyes of the beholder . Just
    dun. criticize out MGY . Dun come into this blog it's only for geungeun lovers stay away u jealous .......

  10. Amen to that! hehehe.. Reality bites yes. But reality sucks for people who have no sense of romance or don't know how to dream. That's what we call..err...disillusioned! :p

    Anyway Geun Geun couple fighting! MGY you are beautiful and smart! ANy guy...even one Jang Geun Suk can fall for you. :)

  11. I strongly believe that they are really close in real life and that they do have chemistry..not because they are really great actors but because they are very comfortable with each other. I hope that they will have a future together. :)

  12. People just choose to believe what they want to believe... For those don't believe that JKS & MGY have a very close relationship, just let it be...
    Both are great actor and actress, multi-talented, hope that MGY will win the role of Lead Actress in Love Rain as JKS has been confirmed as the Lead Actor!! GeunGeun Couple is sweet, sincere... I like & support them!

  13. wow! this is such a nice page...I LIKE IT MUCH!

  14. Amen! No one among MGY's age bracket is at par with her when it comes to acting. She's a total package. She's pretty, kind, intelligent and well rounded and a great actress. She does not rely on looks alone. She's an actress that has surpassed many actress her age in Korea. Multi-awarded that's MGY.



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