Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Moon Geun Young's Third Official Fanmeeting: Dance, Guitar, and Tears

Moon Geun Young held her third official fan meeting and met with her fans after two years at the Yeongdeungpo Art Hall in Seoul on July 30.

The main theme of the event was ‘Gift’ with over 500 fans who attended the three hour long event. Moon Geun Young, who is well known for her affection towards her fans, worked hard for the event.

After showing the opening video, Moon Geun Young surprised her fans from the backdoor entrance by singing a sweet song called ‘Sweet 달아요’. She then had a friendly conversation with her fans, where they asked her questions and she answered them honestly. Moon Geun Young surprised her fans with an upgraded girl's hip hop and sexy dance from her power dance two years ago.

Moon Geun Young personally chose, bought and wrapped the presents for her fans. She even hand wrote cards for the fans joining her onstage.

Meanwhile, to celebrate Moon Geun Young's fan meeting, many celebrities left congratulatory messages, including 2PM, Jang Geun Suk, Shin Se Kyung, Moon Chae Won, Lee Yoon Ji, Um Ki Joon, Ryu Duk Hwan, Han Jung Soo and more. Jang Geun Suk compared Moon Geun Young to an iron scrubber, because she makes everything clean through her strong and bold personality. Taec Yeon made a joke, saying Moon Geun Young is his first love from the drama, Cinderella’s sister. Actor Ryu Duk Hwan showed his respect to Moon Geun Young and said, she is second to none.

At the end of the event, Moon Geun Young expressed her thankful heart to her fans, saying, “I really appreciate my fans and I’m always thankful. I want to express my feelings. Thank you and I love you.”

After saying goodbye, as she was coming down from the stage, her fans chanted her name. Moon Geun Young came back on stage carrying a guitar. She sang a song, 'My Song And' Korean version, that contained her thankful heart to her fans while playing the guitar as the fan meeting's finale.

At that moment, her fans presented her with a surprise card, saying, ‘(We will always) make you smile’. Moon Geun Young was moved to tears while she was singing. A representative said that after the event ended, in the car while talking about her feelings on the fanmeeting and her fans, Moon Geun Young's eyes became red.

source: en.korea.com, TV Report, Newsen

credit: Soompi Moons


  1. luv her personality..she's so humble..even she's so huge n can be considered as Hallyu Star..everyone knows her name..whus doesn't know her..since her debut in Autumn Tale..everybody loves her..she's so innocent,humble n respectable..all Taiwanese, Japanese, Malaysian, Singaporean, Philipines, Indonesian n all other asian countries know her..she's a big star..but bcoz of her humbleness, she's never act like d most popular artist..dats why i luv her..geun young-ah!!fighting!!

  2. very well said and agree with you whole heartedly. Its her humbleness that wins everyone heart , shes never a show off, tho she does not sing well, she really make an effort to make her fans happy, look at her timid character esp when come to singing shes so afraid of her mistakes but who cares, we still love you sweetie. yes all in asia love u so dearly and always will forever ya. a vy kind hearted girl with a genuine sincerity towards her fans and as u said she never act like d most popular artist. hopefully u and jgs make a perfect couple in every drama and in real life too. go girl - keep it up and fighting.



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