Tuesday, May 10, 2011

11.05.06 MGY Handwritten Letter to Fans at Angels

[note: Moon gave the letter to fans at Angels cafe when they delivered their birthday gifts to her.]

To my beloved Angels

To my beloved Angels.

Hello. I am Geun Young ///▽///

I'm always saying thank you just through the internet, so I'm very shy to be writing a handwritten letter like this.

You're all doing well right? Aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, you're all healthy right?

I'm very sorry that I wasn't able to meet you more often ㅠ

Thank you for generously understanding me.

For always not forgetting and taking care of me who is inattentive and lazy [note: being modest],

I really wanted to express how very thankful I am that you always love me without change,

So I'm writing with a pen like this~ hee-

Somehow I thought that if I wrote by hand like this, my sincerity would be conveyed more,

Even though I always receive your handwritten letters, I'm sorry that I couldn't reply by hand,

And I thought that by writing like this I could be able to understand your hearts a little,,

But, it's not easy~ㅠ how many pages is this already…. kekeke

Anyways! Though this [letter] may be going back and forth, overflowing and jumbled~

There's a certain charm to a handwritten letter, attraction right? keke Please look at it cutely~ hee-

Mm… a l~ot of time has passed since the time that we have been together…

During that long time, there have been many things for me and you.

I think there have been a lot of changes.

Of course among them, there have been good changes, and maybe not so,,,

But! Regardless, I think the important thing is the 'change'.

That we are continuing to change, and that we can continue to change!

Of course, because 'change' is not an easy thing,

And though change may not be in sight at times, and often difficult,,,

The fact that we are changing is proof that we are alive,

And I believe it's proof that we will grow, and get better.

I'm proud of the change that we have gone through till now,

And I am thankful that we have gone through it 'together'.

Really.. Thank you for staying together with me ^_____^

If you, no, I hope we will continue to stay together through our change~

Though there may be hard times in the future,

Let's not be too afraid, and I wish we'll be able to enjoy it together… happily~ together!

The words that someone once said to me, 'Let's grow old together!',

It's only now that I understand it a little.

Since growing old is sad to say, changing the words a little- 'Let's change together!'

Let's encourage/support each other, love each other… okay? heehee-

Um.. although I might still be an inattentive Geun Young,

First I will try to not be like that! Re… ally! keke

By chance, even if I am

Remember that my heart will always never forgot you all, and that I'm thankful to you!

I can say confidently! That I love you! Please don't forget it.

Once again, thank you so much!!

I will act really hard so that I can reach your hearts!

I really really… Sa… saranghaeyop (love you)! Kyaa- ()///

2011.05.06 Sincerely yours Geun Young

PS Please generously understand the traces of edits (white out)~ ㅠ^ㅠ Once again, thank you again!

[c] soompimoons



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