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Jang Keun Suk on Han FUN magazine: declares Moon Geun Young is a Sassy Girl

Sohu entertainment: (credit 舍人) weekly magazine pubished by Japanese chanjing news agency gains a lot of attention from Korean fans since its preparation. And the cover figure of this second issue of magazine (published on May 4) is Jang Keun Suk who becomes a hot topics because his debut creates "miraculous sales". To interview Jang Keun Suk, the reporter from specially rushed to Seoul,and listened to his thoughts of such great performance of the music debut.

said because of Jang Keun Suk sensation, many fans called editing department, and said the ordinary stores are out of store,and inquired how to purchase it. Jang Keun Suk's popularity, no need to go into details. What's worth mentioning is that Jang Keun Suk's excellent Japanese pronunciation and articulation in gains much complements. Many people praised: "I'm not his fan, so when I listened to this song at the first time, I thought it's sung by a Japanese singer."While interviewed by , Jang Keun Suk answered questions in Japanese as much as he can (without help of interpeter). What impressed the reporter is that Jang Keun Suk on the stage is so straightforward and a little crazy, but behind the scenes, he must work very hard.

The following is the content of the interview with Jang Keun Suk from :

Resorting to the drama , he is becoming one of the actors who have the most power ofinfluence in Asian showbiz, he is Jang Keun Suk. His popularity in Japan is such amazing to us in the same field.The debut single released on April 27, created the unprecedented recording, weekly no 1 on Oricon after its release (Overseas actors)

and the Suntory CF received much good comments. His will be broadcasting on TBS on May 20. While meeting Jang Keun Suk in Seoul, he was still in fresh looks, and told me in fluent Japanese that in Autumn he wanted to open a concert tour in Japan. It's a big news want to let eels see the stage that only belongs to Jang Keun Suk

Acting in CF, the products of this brand will be sold out ,and on the cover figure of magazine,the magazines's sales will immidiatedly be out of store.......Jang Keun Suk is playing as a increasing popularity rule: debut single sold out 119 thousand,and become the no.1 on Oricon in the whole week. And he is the second male SOLO singer who achieved such performance after Masahiko Kondo. Moreover, Including SOLO, bands, he is the first overeas singer that his single is No.1 in the whole week after its release

Reporter: Congratulate on your debut as a singer. You’ve played musicians on screen for times, now you realise your dream in reality, how's your feeling of it?

JKS: It completely differs from playing a singer in drama. No matter how many times I played, I never had a chance to sing and perform as myself but to show the character's life and sing as required. when performing on screen, even though I wished to perform in my own way, it wouldn't be accepted because of the conflict with the script. However, as a singer, I can show the real "Jang Keun Suk". So now, I want to offer my eels the stage that only belongs to me.

Reporter: You want your Japanese eels to see your performance soon?

JKS: I really do.

Reporter: Do you have any confirmed schedule?

JKS: the national tour fan meeting in Japan had been scheduled to hold in April but was cancelled because of the earthquake. My personal photo book will be released in July, I think the tour concert is likely to be on this Autumn.

Reporter: You played MMM after a big hit of YB, that would be pressures for you. When played MMM, what did you especially pay attention to?

JKS: the reason why i accepted MMM is because I admire Mu Gyul 's lifestyle. as you said,because of the epidemic of YB, many people look forward to my next step, that may put me under pressure. But I'm still young, a young actor. I still need to learn a lot from each drama I involve in, what I should do is just to do my best. I may feel worried but I still try my best to work out while shooting each work.

Reporter: On MMM press conference, you said when you had known Moon Geun Young was in the cast, you'd screamed "bravo". So how do you feel about working with her?

JKS: She's the actress I always dream to collaborate with. Both of us are kid actors, at the same age, so we have a lot in common. During the work, I find her intelligent and assertive. she'd proposed her own idea after hearing the director's instruction, and designed her performance after discussion.

Reporter: You guys won the "Best Couple" on KBS award. Did you have any debate during work?

JKS: Yes. but our debate was not caused by dissatisfaction about each other but our anxiety for playing the characters better, so sometimes we got different ideas about performing, coz both of us prepared well for the drama and had our own expectations on it. We tried to find a good way to perform that could satisfy 2 of us.

Reporter: What's your impression of Moon Geun Young?

JKS: She surprised people. the real Geun Young, (if had a relationship with her) must be the strong side in the relationship (sassy girl)(lol). (GeunYoung's personality is opposite to her role) Mary is a motivate girl who can give strength to people around her, flawless, so I can play the role easily.

Reporter: Your Japanese is not bad. I heard that you’d studied in Japan. Can you share any tips for learning Japanese?

JKS: I never studied in Japan, I just lived there for a period.

Reporter: You didn’t?

JKS: I didn’t. I lived in Japan for a month, not for work. During that period, I learnt some Japanese. But actually I genuinely learnt it when I was studying in New Zealand. I made lots of Japanese friends there and accessed to plenty of Japanese music and movies.

Reporter: Because of your CF, the rice wine enjoys a good sale.

JKS: Sold out. Sorry for that.(lol)

Reporter: The CF is highly praised and widely welcomed.

JKS: When shooting the CF, I would say I played a new role rather than showed the real “JKS”. I heard that a good many customers want to buy the product. Since the earthquake took place, I was unable to communicate with my fans face to face temporarily. And lots of fans get relived by watching my CF,that would be great. I received texts from my Japanese friends once in a while, saying” I’m drinking ‘your’ wine”. And I’d reply, ”don't drink it up once a time”.(lol)

Reporter: Have you thought why you are called MOTERU (handsome, hot guy, a man has his own style)?

JKS: Why? (lol) I felt quite surprised that I can start a trend. It’s nice but I often feel like everything would fade quickly, so I tell myself not to be slack. For me, keeping going is a task, an extra homework, and the burden would be increased as well.

Reporter: Share with us your tips for being MOTERU.

JKS: hahahaha, drink a lot.

Reporter: Which parts do you usually care a lot?

JKS: I’m the one who cares about fragrance and tries to keep it. I especially love Vanilla perfume.

Reporter: You live a busy life, I think you may not have lots of time to rest. How do you relax yourself in spare time?

JKS: I can’t have a rest recently. I have to enforce myself to work hard this year.

Reporter: At last, what do you wanna say to Japanese eels?

JKS: I feel very sorry that I couldn’t meet with you guys as scheduled owing to the earthquake. The new album showcase could not be held as promised either, I feel extremely sorry for that. But I think currently, the recovery of victims is the most important. I’ll pray for them. I hope you fans can remain patient and wait for a while until everyone can meet with me in a pleasant mood. Drink “makkol” (the rice wine), listen to my songs, time would fly. I myself extremely look forward to singing together with you, and I promise I’ll be there, please wait for me.

The debut singles breaks many recordings, being No.1 on Oricon: so moved When hearing his debut single is weekly No.1 on Oricon, Jang Keun Suk said under the influence of earthquake, (I) can't head to Japan to promote my singles. But the sales is so good.'(I felt) so touched and moved by eels's continued support, I will reward you for working harder. Really thanks.

Words out of the interview;As to the perfume story of Jang Keun Suk, (I) heard from others earlier. (I) attended a press conference of an activity the year before last year, and heard Media friends whispered: "Did you smell it?", "yeah,I did, it's the same from the hearsay'. I was confused at that time. Until last year, (I) learnt it from the couterpart: Girls are very curious about the perfume Jang Keun Suk use, Because it smells very very good'.

In August, Jang Keun Suk will visit Japan with Moon Geun Young, and hold the audience meeting in Tokyo.

source: http://yule.sohu.com/20110509/n307121152.shtml

translated by vam+xiao tu @ GeunGeun baidu

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