Monday, May 23, 2011

TREE J Staffs shout out loud when they heared the news about Moon Geun Young

JGS on MMM DVD Interview:

"The only thing I interested in is Mu Gyul’s role in the drama, it’s not because I can play with music and be very cool in the drama, but because I have my ideal life - -to share music with others, that’s the happiest life. Another reason is that when we heard Geun Young is chosen to play the role of Mary, all workers in my office are shouting out loudly: “Yahoo! Wonderful! So matched!” -JGS

source: suk baidu bar
english translation by Sasa @ KeunGeun baidu

(JGS shout 'Hooray' too when he heard that MGY will be casted, according to him on MMM Presscon last November 2010)

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