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11.05.06 MGY's Handwritten Letter to Fans

[note: Moon gave the letter to fans at DCBH when they delivered their birthday gifts to her. Moon in Korean is 문. When 문 is flipped, it becomes 곰 which means bear in Korean. Moon's Korean fans at DCBH refer to themselves as bears.]

To my beloved bears.

To my beloved bears.

Hello? I am Geun Young! ^^;

By chance, perhaps, are you already squirming? ㅠ

Today I even decided to pick up a pen, so it can't be helped- keke

Thank you for always not forgetting, and taking care of me so much!

I want to express how really thankful I am by personally writing a letter.

For some reason, I thought that rather than saying thank you on the internet,

I would be able to express my sincerity more through a handwritten letter.

And I thought that by writing this, I could understand your heart a little more too,

& its an automatic way to reply! (and maybe a way to repay you with a letter- keke)

The important thing is, that it's because I want to express my thankful heart even more~ and


Always, to the point that I feel sorry, because you take care of me so excellently, and give me strength,,

Thank you so much ^____^

Though because of the boldness of a few bears who I see cheating [note: This is an inside joke that her fans tease her with as a couple of them have started to like other celebrities in addition to Bong],

I feel a bit less sorry-

Even still, my thankful heart has grown even more, and has not changed.

Really! Thank you!!!

The love that I received last year (including D4 and the various encouragement messages and impressive gifts)

Was so big, that truthfully now I feel a bit empty... ㅠ

On the one hand, thinking it's natural coming from me who's doing army duty- [note: This is an inside joke between Bong and her fans who think of Bong going to school as her going to the army]

I am trying to be comforted.

Though sometimes I would like to escape,

Other times I feel at ease that it'll be fine if I stay here long.

Like this and that, I have s~o many thoughts~ ^^ kekeke

Anyways thank you for letting me not be satisfied with where I am or fall into a comfort place

Really thank you! This! is the truth!

Because it becomes a stimulant, and source of energy to me.

Makes me want to act more, makes me want to work harder,

Makes me want to be better, makes me want to be an actress even more.

Of course it is because I deeply feel your love,

That I believe I am able to think like this.

Which is why I am even even more thankful.

I, who have lots of fears and am very scared, to feel like I am being deeply loved,

To feel like this, to think like this,

Your big support, and overflowing passion is a big strength to me in my heart deep inside.

So.... I say confidently!

Bears~ you can fully enjoy your social life, and cheat.

Since I won't ever let you guys escape ^-------^V

I really want to thank you once again for making me happy.

I will always try to act with all my heart!!

Bears! Sa.... rigomtang... no, saranghae! Kkya (≥▽≤)///

2011.05.06 Sincerely yours Geun Young

PS Please generously understand the traces of edits (white-out)ㅠ And I'll burn the black list~ keke [note: This is another inside joke between Bong and her fans. Her fans have joked before that Bong will make a black list of those who are cheating on her ^0^]

source: DCBH

credits to and translations by Soompi Moons문근영

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