Monday, May 23, 2011

Jang Geun Suk & Moon Geun Young comments on each other from MMM Official Photobook

here is the translation concerning JGS and MGY.

JGS’s comments on MGY:

JGS said when they first met he could hardly recognize MGY. He was shocked to see the national sister who loved by the whole country dressed so casual and suddenly realized that those qualified people are speaking on strength (not on appearance). When shooting the drama together he found that MGY was a “scary” actress ( refer to MGY’s acting skill).

(he said she's scary because she's professional and serious when acting)

Second,JGS said, for a long time he has been the youngest in the casting people, so acting will give priority to the actresses, try his best to create a more convenient environment for others. But from You are Beautiful to MMM, he began to understand the meaning of interaction, they would exchange ideas and create the characters together. JGS said 4 leading roles in MMM are those people who will listen to others and jointly create the characters together and will support each other.

Third, JGS said MGY is a person will think too much, there were lots of times JGS wanna tell her not to make herself too exhausted. And JGS said that he is the same kind of person as MGY because both of them are child star and they are very strict to themselves.

Fourth, both of them like drinking, but due to the busy schedule they had no chance to drink. It was the last play of the day when shooting the drinking scene in Episode 1, they suggested drinking real wine. And totally they had drunk 7 bottles of wine in 40 minutes. JGS said it will be meaningless if they drink water while shooting that scene. They had no NG during shooting, but they got drunk and fell down when they went back to the car.

MGY comments on JGS:

being at the same age, as the same child stars and status, we get along very well.

Though some times we hold different attitudes and manners towards some issues, as long as be with him, I think I can make it.

In past, when cooperated with others, the so- called “keep in touch” have never come true, but I think we (JGS and MGY) can be real friends in the reality life.

In MMM, there are many scenes which were not written in the script, were designed by themselves, and they both considered the cooperation as a happy thing. When finished shooting, they will mutually praise each other,“ You really did a good job today!”

source: suk baidu bar

english translation: sasa @ KeunGeun baidu


  1. I really hope this beautiful couple will go on loving forever for life and be happy. O they are so full of chemistry together and so well matched. Hopefully more of them acting together in period or dramatic movie.

  2. is there any latest news on the lovely couple ? where is jgs now ?? is he abroad again?? i hope that when the beautiful goes to japan, both of them willbe dancing together, becos jgs can sing very well so hopefully moonie will dance with him into his songs.



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