Monday, May 23, 2011

Jang Keun Suk revealed something about him & Moon Geun Young

Asked: How do you feel when worked with MGY as adult actors?
JGS: I can say that it’s a time (Shooting MMM) I met with a very good friend. As what I have been mentioned before, I was really happy when MGY was chosen. When shooting You are Beautiful I always felt very stressed for being an elder brother, a senior, I could not say “ I am so tired” even I was exhausted to die. When MGY was confirmed to take the role, even if I feel pressure, unless I got a friend to turn to and tell her that I am tired. Because of this reason I am very happy. When shooting MMM, we talked a lot and share a lot about the essence of acting or what we think in acting. In the shooting scene, if we say “it’s too difficult, I don’t know what to do”, we would try to find out the answers together. We kept talking with each other. Being at the same age, though we are still very young and have our own acting ideas, I still feel very happy because that period of time we talked with each other is very precious for me. Because by now all my co-stars are almost elder sisters, I have some troubles in expressing myself freely. I really talked a lot with GY, and when we met together discussing acting, it was so good that I have a friend I can say I am tired. Recently, we often talk on phone, and want to meet with each other more often. Even though we are very busy, we both have the idea to meet with each other. ”

source: suk baidu bar
english translation by sasa @ KeunGeun baidu

we can see when mentioned Moon, Suk touched his lower lip with his finger unconsciously, keke


  1. wahh..its a good news..thanks suk for being honest..yup..u two must keep relying for each other k..u can do it guys..stay healthy too n keep supporting each other..luv geungeun..:)

  2. Wow, my heart flutters with joy at the fact that Jang Geun Suk confessed all of that! Amazing! I'm so glad he feels comfortable being with Moon Geun Young. He must have really have enjoyed being with someone the same age as him, not having to worry about being a leader figure or polite young man, simply a friend. I hope MGY and JGS continue to interact in the future. Please let them be in a drama together again!

  3. yeap!!!i agree...

  4. yay! i hope they become the best of friends...and sweethearts eventually!

  5. just date already :)



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