Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Japan magazine special interview of Jang Keun Suk "Can marry next week"

23 May, Japan

The latest heartbeating, love comedy is beginning to broadcasting!!

Your lovers Korean superstar Jang Keun Suk of the new age

Special following-up reports from Korea

Acted as the lead singer of popular band in , Jang Keun Suk seizes females’s heart tightly.

And playing a main role of living for music in initially broadcasting , (Jang Keun Suk) soon becomes the hot topic!!

“No caring about income, the free lifestyle of only living for music is my dream.”

Keun Suk told us that the reason why he chose the role of lead of street band.

It’s a love comedy that the leading actress escapes from the marriage that her father arranges, and begins the fake marriage with Mu Gyul whom she meets by accident.

In this drama, Mary comments Mu Gyul: like wine, like woman, make music, goodlooking, lazy and have a bad temper, and then Keun Suk, do you think there are some similarities?

“like drinking, a little lazy, like woman. but I won’t like several women at the same time as Mu gyul does (lol)

And then, what do you think of “marriage” as the subject of this drama

“In the past, (I) never think over marriage that stuff, but through this drama, (I) feel marriage is becoming a reality in front of me. As long as there is one I love, (I) can marry next week! I’ve thought this. But when the second is coming, (I) will think (we) can maintain the marriage well?..Will have the mood as “let me cry”

With naughty smile, talking about his debut single ranking No 1 on weekly Oricon

It seems no special woman appearing whom Keun Suk wants to marry now

We can be at ease.

source: suk baidu bar

english translation: vam @ KeunGeun baidu

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