Saturday, May 14, 2011

2011.05.13 Cyworld Updates: Mention of Baeksang and Fanmeeting in 2011


[note: Bong is holding DCBH's 2011 VVIP coupon book, one of the gifts she received for her birthday. The coupon book has witty coupons for Bong to use. There are also coupons for Bong to assign prohibited pics. She uses 3 of those coupons in this CY update ^^]

Seeing bears actively creating the 'Prohibited Picture Star K',

It's so cute and loveable, I want to bite you- euheuheu-

But on one hand, it seems like you're shouting for me to definitely use these coupons-

So I'm taking a big plunge, and using three at once! keke

1. Prohibited Pic: Basic House China Photoshoot.

2. Prohibited Pic: 2011 Baeksang Pictures.

3. Prohibited Pic: 2011 Fan Meeting Pictures.

[note: It seems that our Bong will attend the 2011 Baeksang as well as hold a fanmeeting later this year! \(^_^)/ ]

Sarigomtanghaeyo! ^▽^~♡

[note: Moon uses sarigomtanghaeyo as a substitute for saranghaeyo which means 'I love you']

Update (Moon added 8 ps messages to her previous CY photo update)

ps1. Yeoibong (one of Bong's bears) my sincere congratulations on your marriage! Kyaa- >ㅁ<

Wish you will happily love each other for a long long time^^

ps2. 2011 fan meeting pictures..

Sorry! I am willing to change that to 'Faint You Are My Spring'. Keuk-

ps3. Were you too much~? or was I too much~?

If I was too much, whose fault would that be?

ps4. Should we start with the Top10?

For the Top1, as a prize I'll give you the chance to provide a gall bladder ^^

ps5. But now that I think about it, instead of a gall bladder with one nutrient in it..

For some reason, gall bladders with diverse ingredients condensed in them would be okay too..

Why is it that I keep having that... thought?ㅠ0ㅠ

ps6. But now that I think about it again, how do I, to a lovely bear's gall bladder...heuk-

I... too... had fun...☞☜

And wish this enjoyment will continue...☞☜

Then... do bears know? or not know? that I sa...tang them?

Do I know? or not know? that bears sa....tang me?

ps7. If you don't know.............. then I can't do anything about the prohibited pics... about... that...

ps8. Since you say you know, I'm really thankful....>ㅁ<

On that note, do you want to call it even as if nothing happened? kek

But... I'm watching you +ㅁ+

credits to and translations by Soompi Moons문근영

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