Wednesday, June 15, 2011

2011.06.15 Cyworld Update


To calm the heart. Momentary escape from reality... Ahheung- I don't want to study for examsㅠ0ㅠ

[note: Bong's final exams are this week]

마음을 잔잔하게. 잠시 현실에서 벗어나서... 아흥- 시험공부하기 싫오라ㅠ0ㅠ

Song Title / Artist

1 夕櫻 (Yuzakura - 밤 벚꽃) - Weekly Piano

2 春空, 輝く (Harusora Kagayaku - 봄 하늘, 빛나다) - Weekly Piano

3 花びらの詩 (Hanabira No Uta - 꽃잎의 노래) - Weekly Piano

4 Word Of Wind - Weekly Piano

5 Tomoshibi - Weekly Piano

credits to and translations by Soompi Moons문근영

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  1. u can do it unnie..dun feel so burden!!relax ok..i know u can do it n indeed u can do better..



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