Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jang Geun Suk & Moon Geun Young had a promise to each other!

Geuns said about each other in an interview in the Korean TV Drama magazine (Japanese mag) published a couple of weeks ago.

“For us, even if we don’t say it out loud out, we understand each other’s pains/worries. Through drinking, we’ve become close friends”
(The Japanese word used for friend here has an intimate connotation, not a random ‘good friend’)
“Even after M3 ended, I always keep in touch with Geun Young. Although I go abroad frequently, we meet several times in private”

“We made a promise with each other to definitely act together again in the future”
“Our relationship is one that even if there are doubtful/suspicious things written (about us), we can both laugh about it together (laughs)”
(this kind of sounds like a platonic thing, but it showcases their comfort with whatever they have between them)

Cr. Hachimitsu fr. AKP


  1. wow !!!! congratulations !! :)

  2. ser!a genial verlos juntos. Io ia quiero verlos.

  3. hope they will be together again in a new series or perhaps a movie..
    I also hope they'll be real couple off cam *if that's not too much to ask* hehe

  4. You guys are adorable, Congratulations! :D ~from A.P.

  5. i love them us a couple and i hope that there relationship will last forever. =)
    hope they'll never change on the way they will treat each other despite all the success and blessings that comes along their way. God Bless you guys and Good Luck!!!
    I hope you will have more projects/movies that you will be working together.



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