Sunday, June 5, 2011

Jang Keun Suk choose Mary for the second time & answered the rumours about PSH

For the second time Jang Keun Suk choose Mary over Minam! The MC asked him which one
will he choose. Jang Keun Suk said, " Mary, because she's feminine!"
When the MC asked about the rumored GF to Suk, a fan in the VIP/VVIP section shouted "Mary" and Suk smiled but then the MC said "No not Mary.. PSH.. Did u date her?" and Suk answered "I did date PSH but only in drama.. It was fake.. Not true"

More Updates from the FM in Malaysia:

Jang Geun Suk is very happy with Malaysian fans.. He said Even though the stage is smaller but the fans makes it bigger.. And he said how can I get rest? He promised he won't rest coz he gets so much love from fans.
Suk said I don't have a GF but he want to get marry soon
Suk said KMG and I are very alike but also different.. I really want to live like KMG..
Suk said his fave style.. His long hair, thight clothing, and eyeliner..
Suk said he's fave place in Korea is 1. Han river and his home..
Suk said "I wanna get married soon.. If only I have a fiancee"..


  1. Thank you for the update. Keep updating us... We like to hear more on the fated couple...

  2. Yay! So we're almost there... one more step... & we need the alley kiss here.... Please moonie dear... say YES to Suk, kekekeuk...

  3. hope 1 day jgs n mgy will be togther

  4. there is something about mgy and gsk...we can tell right from their eyes...the way they look on each other there is something that the two of them...giggles!!!

  5. yes dearies, keep updating on the geungeun couple. i crossing my fingers cross that there will be dramas for both of them together. they are really best couple and i really hope kbs have something for them say an award for a very very special couple of the ear becos they are well recived by fans all over and moreover they r well talk of the town. i hv not heard so much of other couple like them = so well loved by us and even they publish a special photo book on them with over 300 pages.(MMM) so far no other best couple have such book.



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