Thursday, June 2, 2011

KeunSuk:If I meet my destiny I can get marry next week.

JKS interview inJapanese magazine, Grazia 2011.07,
He said, the most unforgettable MMM scene in his heart is the alley kiss. He has kiss scene experience by far, but alley kiss is the deepest one. (smiled)

KeunSuk: If I meet my destiny I can get marry next week. I think its natural.



  1. there is something going on around mgy and jsk...i read an article before stating that moon geun young wants to marry at young age to someone who will understand her work..and now jsk..want to marry next week if he finds his destiny...mmmmhhhh...something is really going on around...and i hope its true..i will be really happy for them..they look adorable together...praying!!,,hehehhe

  2. oh yeah! absolutely! and he doesn't even forgotten his alley kissing scene with MGy. how nice. . .



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