Thursday, June 23, 2011

Moon Geun Young D-Cut DVD Interview

Moon Geun Young D-Cut DVD Interview:

1. She picked M3 bc she did two dark roles and wanted a sunny character and radiated love.

2. Her pick for the actor who had the best chemistry with her on set was the actor who played her dad.

3. Moon Geun Young would pick Jung In over Mu Gyul. She wants someone she can talk a lot with. Conversations with MG would be limited to a smaller range of topics than with Jung In. Also, Geun Young finds attractive a guy like Jung In who puts up walls around himself.

4. They discussed alternative endings for M3 – after all the furniture was repo’d, MR took a nap and dreamt the entire dream that was M3. Then she woke up and went to drive her friends to Hongdae. She hit MG, and when she went outside MG was played by KJW, and conversely Jung In was played by JGS. They all thought this scenario was super cute.

5. She thinks Mae Ri was most attracted to Mu Gyul’s warmth. Their need to take care of each other binded them together.

6. She liked the hobo Mae Ri outfits better than the rich wife Mae Ri outfits.

7. What she thinks happened to Mae Ri after the drama ended – MR and JI stayed friends like their dads. MR and MG fight and make up, maybe they stayed in love, maybe they broke up and ended up like strangers.

8. Her favorite kiss scene. She thinks the audience must like the more exciting alley kiss.

9. She was touched by the “Mary Christmas, I love you” declaration. She found Mu Gyul very attractive when he was performing the song they created together.

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