Saturday, June 11, 2011

Moon Geun Young talks about Jang Keun Suk

Moon GeunYoung interview in [韓FUN] magazine (4th edition, 18th May) talks about Marry Me Mary & Jang Geun Suk
Q: When Jang Geun Suk heard that you were cast in the production, he said he shouted “Yahoo!”. How did you feel after hearing/knowing this?

A: I felt very grateful (laughs)

Q: Having acted with him, please tell us about your impressions of him. What are his charms?

A: I feel that he’s a person who knows himself very well. No matter what, he looks GREAT [literal word: LOVELY/DREAMY], conducts himself well and expresses his feelings intelligently. From a woman’s point of view, (these attributes) are very CHARMING. For any person, to know oneself and look/think objectively can be difficult, but he is someone who can do (these things) well.

Q: How about his charms when he’s not working?

A: In private, he’s really CUTE. There’s a part of him that can be like a naughty kid, and he’s also very GENUINE and PURE (laughs)

Q: The scene in the drama that you remember the most?

A: The first time meeting with Mugyul. It was on the first day of shooting, and even though I was nervous, it felt very exciting during filming. In the drama, there was a little accident, and after that (Mary) followed Mugyul around to get his signature. It was a fun scene, the one I like the most.

Cr. Hachimitsu fr. AKP

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