Wednesday, June 15, 2011

[MV] Jang Geun Suk & Moon Geun Young ~We Belong Together~

cr. vitriana @ YouTube


  1. stop dreaming guyz!! they dont match together!! Jang Geun Suk istoo handsome for Moon Geun Young, she should be pared with other beautiful girls!!! and why delete my comment??? hahahahah
    YOU FOOL!!!!!

    MOON GEUN YOUNG SUCKS!!!! you look like my feet!!

  2. hahaha now u are fool! LOL laughing here all by yourself? pitty you!!!

    Moon Geun Young is Very Beautiful! :)
    Jang Geun Suk and Moon Geun Young are Beautiful Together! :)

  3. very beautiful??? which part of her is beautiful?
    she looked like my ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. @anonymous hater:

    look like ur DIRTY ass & feet? hhaha.
    Look at ur face first ,

    Pity sukhye fans, is that all ur attitude,?

  5. pliz dun be so shameless..pliz respect others..who are you to judge it like dat??pliz look at urself first before criticize others..moon geun young is really beautiful..its up to you if u feel dat shes not really beautiful bcoz everyone has their own interpretation bout beautiful..if u dun like her..juz create ur site alone..let's c if you get so many supporters..moon geun young will not feel bother wif ur criticism coz she know how to respect people..n i'm one of her fan..n of course ggc fans..will not feel bother too..n we will not talk a bad thing bout ur fav idol coz we know how to respect moon geun young..she's so humble person n know how to treat people pliz..leave diz page if u dun like it..pliz be supportive to ur idol..i know jgs ur idol also pliz dun let jgs feels shameless wif his fans..pliz be a good fan..ok..n we will always support our moonie..whoever her choice..we will be always stay by her side coz we are a supportive fans..pliz be matured!!n think before u wanted to make a comment..dun just good in criticizing others..reflect urself first..moon geun young n ggc fighting!!

  6. the post dat i made above is for @anonymous haterz..

  7. dear silly haters,

    if u dont like geungeun couple.. just dont visit this page then :)

    no one asked you to be here..just go :)

    and be brave please, dont use anonymous as ur ID..


  8. hey you moon geun young haters…just go to hell you ugly lossers..
    don’t ever think to compare yourselves to geun young…you’re the ugly ones especially your attitudes…
    hahahaha…too bad geun suk likes geun young very very much…hahahah..what do you think about that you lossers…hahahaha
    go and buy a mirror if your so dumb to not know what a mirror is…you will see a monster...yourself…hahahha

  9. i have a mirror but I dont see any monster!!! hahahaha

  10. @geungeun hater : yeah u dont see any monster but EVIL HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA

  11. Who r u to dislike MGY? First of all beauty is the eyes of the beholder do pls do nt criticize our princess. She's a vy talented & gifted actress who acts well in any character unlike others so artificial. moreover look at the number of awards she has won , I dun think many actress had won that nbr of awards like her at a young age. Look she has won the Daesang award which is a grandest/highest of all other awards at a by young age . And don't forget JGS had a crush on her for a long time. Also u think the other actresses r really that beautiful, ah ha ,don't forget most of them are plastics I am sure u know I mean. So pls stop all yr criticisms of MGY. I repeat again BEAUTY is the EYES of the BEHOLDER or Ones man meat is another mans poison . That's all I hv to say. just leave u sour grapes

  12. ahhhh...okie you have a mirror but its' to bad you can't see a monster because your used on seeing a monster..yourself...whahahahahah..

  13. if moon geun young looks like your ass...then whose ass you look like??..whahahahah...just go to hell haters....

  14. just evaporate..insecure...

  15. geun young haters... im pity of you.where is ur manners? tsk tsk.u are uneducated person...and stop dreaming also..create ur own pages.and dont come and watched again the video..look at urself first.b4 u judges..people who love creticism are 100%insecured.. and we are pity of you.we never creticizing ur idol....stop telling nonsense to our geun young...

    geungeun couple forever..fighting



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