Thursday, March 10, 2011

[2011.03.09] Sungkyunkwan University student encounters Moon Geun Young

"Today (2011.03.09) I attended a required class for my Korean literature major. I was absent-minded as the professor was calling the attendance. But then all of a sudden because the professor called 'Moon Geun Young,' I looked and Moon Geun Young sunbaenim is taking the same class as me! Seeing how thoroughly she prepares in advance for class, she is really awesome!"- SKKU student

[Note: SKKU stands for Sungkyunkwan University, the school that Moon attends.

Underclassmen call upperclassmen sunbae-nim (senior).

Another SKKU student account on our Moon :)

The person sitting right next to me had a nice Starbucks coffee scent, so I looked and it was Moon Geun Young. After entering school, this is the second time I'm taking the same class together! Still as cute as ever•_•

This is from a different student from the other two. It seems our Moon is taking an analysis class on the language from the Middle Ages this semester :)

In a Middle Ages language analysis class now kekeke The professor was telling a joke and then passed it on to Moon Geun Young kekekekekeke

"Moon Geun Young wore a wool hat today (2011.03.10) [to school]. Cutie •_•"

credits:Soompi Moons


  1. wow cool, so really there is sungkyunkwan university, i thought it only exist in KBS drama (refereing sungkyunkwan scandal)
    MGY is really smart n well-prepared for her study. really admire her.
    thanks for sharing this.

  2. wah..wanna see MGY recent pic..miss her so much..



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