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Why Moon Geun Young loves the moon

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This is from one of Moon Geun Young's interviews back in 2008.

[I for Interviewer, MGY: Moon Geun Young]

I: Then is there something that you lean on whenever you are having a hard time?

MGY: The sky's moon, the moon. The reason why I liked that book* also was because the moon appeared in it. When I was young, I really liked my mom and my mom liked the moon. I wanted to like everything that my mom liked, and I followed my mom around everywhere she went, and I wanted to be a good daughter to my mom. And because every weekend I would go to the country house and wander the mountains and fields, I had many opportunities to see the moon. You know how if you find something that you like, you try to find something that ties you together? So the thing that I found... my last name, it's moon right? So I believed that we're inevitably tied together and can't be separated. Also, I liked sijos** and the things that were used as metaphors were often the moon, cloud, wind, and water. So I read the sijos that had the moon in it first. (laughs) And because I would look to the moon and make a wish and try to find peace, there was even a time once when I said, "I think my religion is the moon." Oh, I should tell you. For my last birthday, my fan cafe gave me a planetarium as a present. It's a device that shows the moon and constellations on the ceiling, I am so happy. I can sleep looking at the moon. It's hard to see the moon in Seoul.


* They're referring to a children's book that MGY mentioned she would always read whenever she was having a hard time in an interview for A Tale of Two Sisters.

** Sijos are tradional Korean poems.

I: 그럼 요즘은 힘들 때마다 기대는 대상이 없나요?

MGY: 하늘의 달님, 달요. 그 책도 달이 나와서 좋아한 거예요. 어렸을 때 엄마를 정말 좋아했는데 엄마가 달을 좋아하셨어요. 엄마가 좋아하는 것들을 나도 좋아하고 엄마가 가는 데는 전부 따라가고 엄마한테 좋은 딸이 되고 싶었어요. 주말마다 시골집에 가서 산으로 들로 돌아다니다 보니 달을 볼 기회도 많았죠. 왜 좋아하는 대상이 생기면 자기랑 연결고리를 찾잖아요? 그래서 찾은 것이… 제 성이, 문이잖아요. (좌중 경악) 그래서 우린 필연적이야, 떼놓을 수 없다고 믿어버렸죠. 또, 시조를 좋아했는데 거기서 표현하려는 대상의 대체물로 자주 등장하는 것이 달, 구름, 바람, 물이에요. 달 나오는 시조부터 먼저 읽었어요. (웃음) 달 보며 소원을 빌고 안식을 구하다보니 한때 “나는 종교가 월교(月敎)인가보다” 한 적도 있었다니까요? 참, 자랑해야지. 지난 생일에 팬 카페에서 플래네타리움을 선물해주셨어요. 천장에 달과 별자리가 뜨게 해주는 장치인데, 무척 행복해요. 달을 보며 잠들 수 있어요. 서울은 달이 잘 안 보이거든요.

This is a photo taken and poem written by MGY that she posted on October 31, 2007.

The Moon

My moon.

My moon who I love.

Is your love directed towards me?

I am always longing for you...

Before I knew it, I am moved to tears by your light...

Are you shining over me?

Please come into my heart.

My moon.

My luna.


나의 달님이여.

사랑하는 나의 달님이여.

당신의 사랑은 나를 향해 있는 건가요?

나는 항상 당신을 그리워하는데...

어느 샌가 당신의 빛에 나는 눈물짓는데...

당신은 나를 비추고 있는 건가요?

나의 맘속에 들어와 주세요.

나의 달님이여.

나의 루나여.

credit: Soompi Moons문근영

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