Sunday, March 13, 2011

'Dress up like a man, still instantly attractive'

[] male celebrities' "pretty woman' cross-dressing photo became a topic letting woman has a feeling of inferiority, on the other hand, female celebrities' transvestite entertained like a 'real man' is not rare. Even can not transform into a wonderful guy, but feel like a next-door boyishly charm is kind of success. Although can not turn into a real man, but let's take a look of this new charm of female celebrities' transvestite attract the attention.

First of all, female star turns into a cute pretty boy through transvestite.
Yoon Eun Hye (27) in 2007, the MBC drama ' Coffee Prince', to take on the role of Kao Eun Chan was popular transvestite. Much like a little brother boyishly charm rather than a tough manly charm, and her boyish hair, and attire in the play once a trend spark.
In 2008, SBS drama 'Painter of the Wind' Moon Geun Young (24) also demonstrated young man role. 'Nation Younger Sister' transvestite was fulfilled much than expected. Smart eyes and wore her hair in a bun, the look in the gown, successfully reproduced the youth Shen Run Fu.
Park Shin Hae (21), disguised as a cute boy, an appealing star in 2009 SBS ' He's Beautiful' transvest as Kao Mei-nan who played with her hair cutted short, wearing costume suit debut with a vibrant performance by introducing a character like the youngest brother.

- Due to the superior beauty, even dressup like man, but does not look like a man.
Park Min In (25) last year in KBS Drama ' Sungkyunkwan Scandal ' appeared with a topknot, but her elegant figure and soft features made it much prominent, so that the colleagues were carved for his beauty.
Son Ye-jin (29), last year, attempted to dress up as a man in the MBC drama 'Personal taste' too. Was wearing hat with wig, even wore mustache, yet can not change her invariably feminine qlty.
Movie 'Dad likes woman' Lee Na Young (32) tried to challenge to play as a man, yet only feel her hair style being cut shorted. Even wore the Boxy shirt but can not hide her slim body shape, and even decorated tiny face yet still shiny made ​​her transvestite lose its color.

- Meanwhile, through transvestite, those stars successfully demo the man-like atmosphere also attract attention.
Park Ji Yoon (29), the 5th album title song
'I am a man' the showcase tried the dykes performance. She made it a success, it is realistic enough to believe that even you say she is a handsome young man. 2009, Lee Yo Won (31) played the Childhood of the Queen, Princess Duk Man, in MBC drama 'Queen Seon Deok', a hunky look and bold man performance gained popularity.

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